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Common Stock
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Lutz, FL
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January 13, 2023
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April 13, 2023
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Company Description

IQ Billiards is an in-market producer of augmented reality projection systems that modernize the classic pool hall experience by infusing interactive state-of-the-art gameplay technology. The IQ System offers a diverse suite of digital themes, games, training modes, and mobile app integration designed to bring billiards into the digital age and engage players across all demographics.

Key Deal Facts

Because the billiards industry remains largely untouched by innovation, IQ believes that there is currently a huge opportunity for technology-infused upgrades. To the best of our knowledge, we have no direct competition and are the only full suite digital solution currently available on the market.

IQ’s primary target is B2B partnership with the indoor family entertainment center market, which is a robust and growing industry valued at $25.14 billion in 2020, and poised to reach $69.55 billion by 2030. As this industry continues to evolve and expand, investment in new games, attractions, and technology is expected to increase with it.*

IQ Billiards is in the process of evolving our existing strategic business model to continue to expand residential and wholesale sales, increase our commercial product footprint and introduce University and Campus Commons partnerships, as well as potential for IQ brick-and-mortar franchises.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Mark GuilarteCEO, DirectorFlorida native with 15 years of experience in Information Technology in Simulation and Softwre Implementations. Looking to create a new standard in Billiards Technology while not only maintaining the existing pool player network, but creating a wave of new talent, interest and awareness into this recreational sport. Currently Mark does not receive compensation, please see the Form C for additional information.,
Amount Raised : $13,871
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