Barbacoa is seeking investment
to expand to a brick and mortar location for our new Mexican Barbecue concept.

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Revenue Sharing
Mexican Barbecue Restaurant
Min Investment
Expected Close Date
April 05, 2023
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Maturity Date
December 31st, 2027
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Company Description

Barbacoa is a new concept that Kansas City has yet to see: Traditional Mexican cuisine elevated with local barbecue cooking methods.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Madeline Buechter
Madeline is our bar and social media manager. She comes from a background of fine dining, photography and chocolate making. She has a passion for highlighting flavor combinations and matching unlikely pairs. She will be crafting our bar program to be in harmony with our kitchen menu, creating a full dining experience.

Roman Raya, Jr.
Roman is our head chef and general manager. His Mexican-American heritage guides the recipe development and cultural vision for Barbacoa's overall dining experience. Roman has a high passion for his culture and cuisine, and it is his mission to express that to guests through food and hospitality.

Phillip Raya
Owner/Sous Chef
Phillip is our sous chef and kitchen manager. The brothers will be working closely to develop recipes and techniques that will encompass the vision of our concept. Phillip comes from many years of restaurant experience as a server, bartender, and general manager. Through his many roles he has gained knowledge and experience that well-compliments his passion for industry.
Amount Raised : $60,000
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