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Austin, TX
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January 17, 2023
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April 17, 2023
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Company Description

Are you tired of the fake and unhealthy environment on social media today? At Vlogmi, we’re building a platform where you can share your true-to-life content with the people you care about. Vlogmi is a new social media platform based entirely around sharing authentic in-the-moment content. We’re driving the next generation of content creators to express their creativity through authenticity, creating the future of a healthier, more positive social media. Designed to cultivate a genuine and uplifting community of worldwide game changers, we are dedicated to providing a fresh new alternative to the current social media platforms. Vlogmi is currently in open beta and pre-revenue.

Key Deal Facts

Vlogmi was developed to meet the needs of next-generation creators and consumers looking for positive social media experiences. Rather than boosting highly curated content, our platform promotes in-the-moment videos and images, uploaded by everyday users.

Social media is a massive industry that continues to grow year-by-year. Our total addressable market is estimated to be about $224B and comprises approximately 4.7 billion users worldwide*

Our proprietary AdTech platform will provide INCENTIVIZED advertisements, allowing creators to monetize their profiles through non-intrusive advertisements supported by fans.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Luke ThorssenCo-Founder, Director, President & CEOLuke is a lifelong content creator who’s managed and consulted social media accounts/channels for industry leaders in gaming and entertainment. Formerly CCO and founding member of Careless, the largest independent record label in the Philippines. Luke has a deep understanding of the creator economy, providing Vlogmi with a competitive advantage in creator monetization strategies.
Rafaella ThorssenCo-Founder, Director & CCORafaella specializes in UI/UX design and runs Vlogmi’s design team, marketing, as well as Vlogmi's internship program out of the University of Texas at Austin.
She studied at a multimedia arts school and graduated from an accounting/business management course in the Philippines prior to moving to Austin, Texas., Josh ArceoCTOJosh is an experienced Engagement Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Software Development, Project Management, System Architectures, Devops, Databases, Automated Software Testing, Management, JavaScript and .NET Frameworks. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor’s Degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Evangel University.
Bob ThorssenChairman & Interim CFOChairman and Interim CFO of Vlogmi Corporation is a serial entrepreneur with 50 years of international business experience. Over his entrepreneurial journey, Bob has participated in numerous mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and international financings. He has been a founding principal of a wide range of companies resulting in 4x IPO’s in Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Bob's position with Vlogmi is his primary and full-time job.
Katherine Winter SelleryDirectorThe creator of the Guidance Approach to Parenting, a program that applies conflict resolution skills to communicate more effectively with children, Katherine will focus on collaborative problem solving and meeting your adolescent’s needs. The conscious parenting approach guides parents to eliminate the 3 Rs - retaliation, rebellion and resistance - from parenting, improving your relationship with your adolescent. Conscious parenting teaches both parents and children how to communicate in a compassionate, fair and effective way. This mindful approach to parenting is aligned with the Milken core values of kavod habriyot, treating others with dignity and kindness. 
For over 20 years, Katherine has taught and coached thousands of parents, educators, social workers, and medical professionals in half a dozen countries through her popular workshops and coaching programs. Katherine is a 3x TEDx Speaker, and author of “7 Strategies to Keep Your Relationship With Your Kids from Hitting the Boiling Point” as well as her workbook A Guidance Approach to Parenting. She has been featured on local television shows across the US and a guest on over 40 podcasts. In addition, she is also a trained mediator, is certificated in different trauma models, teaches a breathing meditation modality with the Art of Living Foundation, ran her own commodities-trading business in Hong Kong for 30 years, and is on the Board of Directors for the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). IAHV has held special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2002, and contributes to the 17 Strategic Development Goals of the UN.
Katherine's position with Vlogmi is their primary job.
Rob MillerCLORob is a Partner in the Houston, TX law firm of Banister & Miller, PLLC where he represents businesses in emerging technologies and industries on a wide variety of regulatory, litigation and transactional matters.
Prior to Banister & Miller, Rob served as General Counsel to The Willis Group. Prior to his career with The Willis Group, he served as in-house counsel to BP America specializing in electronic discovery and litigation and was a litigation associate in Texas’ largest and oldest minority owned law firm, Epstein Becker Green Wickliff & Hall, PC.
LeRoy ThorssenDirector & COOLeRoy Thorssen has several years of experience managing international teams, local and remote, including coordinating tightly scheduled workflows and overseeing administrative tasks.
Prior to Vlogmi, LeRoy was the young Marketing Director of Flexifill Bulk Solutions Ltd., developing their corporate website and marketing portfolio. LeRoy now lives in Calgary, Canada, expanding Vlogmi's network North of the border.
LeRoy's primary position is with Falkbuilt Ltd. and works 30 hours a week on Vlogmi.
Amount Raised : $15,276
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