Bombarda Rum

A revolutionary rum disrupting one of the oldest spirit categories, crafted the way rum should be! Embrace the spirit of rum with a modern-day story of victory!

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Palo Alto, CA
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January 18, 2023
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April 30, 2023
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Company Description

An exquisite portfolio of blended premium rums in a bottle that we believe truly captures the history of the spirit of rum like no other. Rum is one of the oldest spirits in the world, and deserves a modern-day story that honors its history, celebrates its adventures, and is enjoyed in its purest form as we believe it was intended. Bombarda is just that! Our team creates premium crafted rums by blending up to five different types of dark and gold rums with a variety of ages sourced from only the finest Latin American and Caribbean distilleries. A number of strategic distribution channels have been established across the USA, Canada, and ideally soon, select markets in Europe through which the company plans to expand its production capacity and brand reach. Unlike other rums, Bombarda is TRUE AND PURE, and produced without adding sugars or other artificial ingredients. We believe that rum is the most versatile spirit, and that Bombarda Rum is gaining much attention as a great sipper and the rum of choice for the common rum cocktail. A growing number of consumers, bar and restaurant owners, and spirit retailers are discovering the difference and responding to the ever-growing demand for clean and pure spirits. With all its glory and dedication to excellence, we believe that Bombarda Rum is on track to becoming a legendary rum brand for all to enjoy.

Key Deal Facts

Bombarda creates award-winning, pure rum blends by combining up to 5 unique rums in one bottle - giving our expressions a very unique profile and taste that rum lovers truly enjoy.

Blended, quality premium rums are becoming more popular among bars, restaurants, and craft enthusiasts - as global volumes of premium, higher-priced rums increased by 35% between 2015-2020.

Bombarda's flavorful blends and award-winning package design was a hit from the beginning! Total Wine & More launched the brand across the USA on our first day in their stores! We believe that this is a rarity in the industry, which has helped us expand to over 400 locations between North America and Canada. Bombarda Rum produces all of our products in the Netherlands, and we are currently planning to expand our sales channels into Europe in 2023 - 2024. We believe that buyers in will Europe love the brand, as we are currently in talks with European vendors.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

James PapagnoPresident, Founder & Admiral of the Fleet James is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Company, having been involved in the distilled spirits industry as a brand developer and founder since 2020. James is President of Legendary Spirits Group Inc, a company specializing in development, marketing and sales of craft spirits. 
James' strong leadership & financial sales background combined with his entrepreneurial spirit has allowed Bombarda Rum to grow exponentially in a short amount of time. Even though James has not spent many years in the spirit business, James applied his creativeness and can-do attitude to bring Bombarda Rum to market and developed a winning production team halfway around the World in the Netherlands. 
James is committed to excellence in all that he does and Bombarda Rum is a true testament to this statement. What makes something authentic and successful is how a small idea, product disruption, passion, and innovation come together., Michael GarciaBoard MemberBorn Entrepenuer and lover of adventure and fine Rums. 
Miriam GilmoreSecretaryI've been a loan originator for over 10 years and have been in business for myself for over 25 years. I have created more than one business from the ground up and had much success in building systems and operations to run in an efficient and productive manner. I believe one one my strengths are dealing with people as well as having an astute mind to make quick decisions when needed. 
John FaraSales Manager - Off Premise Accounts - FloridaContracted by Bombarda Rum, John is responsible for Florida Off - Premise sales. The responsibilities include managing Total Wines & Beyond as well as independent liquor chains throughout Florida and soon, in other states. Aside from developing and tracking customer orders, John also resolves customer problems and ensures complete customer satisfaction. 
With a can-do attitude, John knows how to maintain and cultivate successful off-premise and on-premise accounts for the brand. In addition, John is the sole owner of Wolfpack Wine and Spirits and is an independent contractor for Bombarda Rum. Bombarda hopes to promote John to National Sales Manager soon. 
WK DomicoDistribution Manager - NationalWK brings his extensive premium product knowledge, sales success across multiple markets, and leadership to propel Bombarda Rum's growth across Florida and other states. WK’s Proven ability to develop new client accounts, sales team management and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals. 
As co-owner of Spirited Insiders Inc, Wk continues to drive growth for Bombarda Rum across multiple sales channels with a sales team of 7 people across the state of Florida. WK is also the co-founder of Spirited Insiders, a firm specializing in developing new spirits brands. Specialties: budgeting, customer relations, directing, driving, estimating, management, marketing, proposal writing, recruiting, sales, strategic planning, territory management, 
Greg GoldhaberBrand Sales Management - National Versatile brand marketer with a commercial mindset. The success of Bombardas has been attributed to Greg's leadership in establishing relationships with large retail chains. As a result of Greg's dynamic leadership in the field, our sales team has been able to define essential accounts to help the brand grow city by city across Florida. He has experience in corporate and sales management across a variety of industries. As well as co-founding Spirited Insiders, Greg leads a team that develops new spirit brands entering the market.

Pablo RovaloDirector - Production Team Lead - EuropeLeveraging his leadership skills and tenured industry experience, Pablo’s focus is on delivering the most efficient manufacturing and production of Bombarda. Pablo is experienced in managing brand growth, production planning & process management. Pablo additionally excels in design, one of the most crowded and contested categories, while performing a balancing act of product development and manufacturing. Pablo is responsible for sourcing and organizing all dry goods, product logistics, and Bombarda's production. 
Additionally, Pablo manages incoming purchase leads and distributor inquiries for Bombarda's expansion in Europe. Once the Start Engine raise is complete, Pablo will hand off this role to a new sales director for our European division, Bombarda Rum EU, SL. As a minor owner, Pablo keeps the line running and all that we need to accomplish to get the product to market. Pablo is also an independent brand designer and owner of his own firm - Singular Glass and operates his role from Barcelona Spain.
David HortonTeam Lead - Export and Retail Travel - Caribbean & CruiseThe role of Dave is to expand European and US controlled state markets as well as open new distribution channels into the Caribbean market. As an export, duty-free, and cruise industry veteran with 26 years of experience, Dave brings a wealth of contacts to Bombarda. 
With experience in domestic and travel retail markets, Dave has developed luxury goods for airports, cruise ships, border stores, and inflight. Dave is highly skilled in business development, strategic planning, brand building, negotiation, marketing and communication, and talent development. Dave also operates DPH Global and consults wine brands in his field of expertise. Speaks fluent Spanish and French
Amount Raised : $39,334
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