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Traverse City, MI
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January 19, 2023
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March 20, 2023
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Company Description

SampleServe develops software and digital tools for environmental data collection and reporting. The company is currently in-market with four subscription mobile app product revenue streams and has previously raised $2.4M in capital.

Key Deal Facts

SampleServe is bringing innovative digital tools to a fast-growing industry that we believe is ripe for tech-based solutions. To the best of our knowledge, ours is the only product on the market that automatically incorporates environmental labs and lab data into the networked data ecosystem – an important element for any automation that requires lab analysis.

SampleServe’s technology targets the global environmental consulting services market, which is expected to reach over $45B by 2027.* Our products cater to environmental engineering firms, oil companies, manufacturing, chemical companies, environmental laboratories, municipalities, and food producers – all of which require ongoing sampling, testing, and reporting.

SampleServe’s suite of solutions has been engineered by industry experts with extensive backgrounds in geology, computer science, and the environmental market. Our team’s in-field experience informs our understanding of existing challenges within the industry and our approach to innovation allows us to partner with companies that provide complimentary products and services that also have access to large enterprise clients.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Russell SchindlerCEORussell is a Certified Professional Geologist and a graduate of Western Michigan University in 1987. He has 35 years of experience developing, implementing and managing a wide variety of environmental projects and programs including; soil and groundwater remediation projects using various types of remediation, implementation of chemical, liquid waste, hazardous waste, and solid waste management programs and procedures, hydrogeological investigations, industrial regulatory compliance audit programs, sewer and water system needs evaluations, level I and II environmental (ASTM) property assessments, asbestos inspections and remediation, and mold inspections and remediation.  
He developed and patented the money saving Enhanced Dissolved Oxygen Technology (E-DOT®) System, a ground water remediation/treatment system, which is becoming widely used across the country. Developed and patented the Multi-Arrayed Vacuum (MAV®) System, which is an effective and revolutionary free product recovery system. Also has a patent pending on the Per-Petual® System, a simple and effective hydrogen peroxide injection system for soil and ground water remediation/treatment and most recently developed the data management and reporting software application. He holds 7 patents related to groundwater clean-up and environmental sampling., Erik JohnsonBoard MemberErik has a Geological Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University in 1982 and is both a Certified Professional Engineer and a Certified Professional Geologist. Erik has 6-years’ experience as a Geological Engineer working in oil exploration and then spent 26-years working as an environmental consultant in various capacities. In 2007 Erik started as the Environmental Director working for a mid-sized oil jobber in Michigan with over 140-gas stations where he oversaw underground storage tank compliance and environmental response and other environmental compliance activities. 
Paul GoudreaultBoard Member / SalesPaul was previously the Oil & Gas Sector Leader for Wood PLC., a global consultancy, projects and operations company serving public and private sectors. Paul is an experienced business leader having served as Chairman/CEO of Inogen Environmental Alliance, CEO of Delta Consultants and CEO/Owner of Designer Doors. Paul has 40 years of client account management experience. He has developed and implemented strategic growth plans including initiatives to diversify service offerings and geographic markets. He has also designed and executed on enterprise-wide client account management programs, leading to sustainable client portfolios and accelerated growth.
Eric BergsmaBoard Member / ControllerEric Bergsma is the Controller for SampleServe. He has over seven years of experience in purchasing and sales with Ford Motor Company and Siemens Automotive, respectively. He has also been the controller for a successful small business for the past 28 years.
Amount Raised : $25,246
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