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Common Stock
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Chicago, IL
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January 20, 2023
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April 24, 2023
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Company Description

Foresyte is a one-stop-shop for planning and budgeting for the discretionary parts of life, providing our fast-growing community of users with one comprehensive destination for financial planning, a social calendar, and travel planning.

Key Deal Facts

We combine budgeting services, a social calendar, and travel planning into one sleek, intuitive app to help our users reshape how they make plans in their lives.

According to our research, our Total Addressable Market (TAM) is valued at $9.3 billion while 86.4% of 18 - 34-year-old Americans are interested in using Foresyte. Currently, we have 7,400 total downloads to-date.*

We recently launched our innovative Travel Planner feature which shows the total cost of traveling to any city around the globe based on crowdsourced insights from fellow Foresyte travelers, and our upcoming chat feature will soon allow our users to bring the banter to social planning.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Stephen EddyFounder, CEOPrior to Foresyte, Stephen spent 3.5 years at G2 as a technical project and product manager. During his time there, he led several big ticket initiatives and owned the product lifecycle of two core G2 assets which were scaled to prominence under his lead:
- MyG2 Campaign Dashboard – ideated & launched this G2 equivalent to Google Ads, producing over $1M in campaign spend in the first six months alone
- G2 Data Cloud – governed G2’s cavernous data infrastructure, spanning nearly a dozen siloed data sources and hundreds of millions of records. Led a team of 7 data engineers to automate processes and deliver solutions to market which directly influenced over $2M in annual recurring revenue during his time leading the team
Dylan ThomasCo-Founder, VP of Engineering Dylan has 3+ years of experience testing and building software as an engineer, including 2 in the SAAS industry.
Prior to Foresyte, Dylan served as a DevOps engineer for Xactly Corp, a SAAS sales performance management company, where he led the effort to implement multiple high impact solutions including a global content delivery (CDN) using Azure cloud services.
Dylan obtained his BS in Business Management from Colorado State University, with a concentration in Innovation and Organization Management. After graduating from CSU, Dylan quickly moved into software engineering as a self taught engineer.
Dani Hristeva Co-Founder, Director of UX & Design With a background in graphic design and user lifecycle at G2, Dani has sculpted Foresyte’s sharp product design from the ground up and continuously explores new ways to enhance the user experience., Ken WaksDirector, Social Strategy Technical operations manager at Walmart Connect by day, and TikTok influencer with a 690K follower reach by night, Ken has accelerated Foresyte’s growth on the social media giant while garnering a highly engaged following in the process

Tarun SahuSenior Engineer With over 7 years of experience working in the Swift / iOS environment, Tarun is a full-stack engineer who brings a wealth of knowledge to the product team and is responsible for developing many of the core features seen on Foresyte today
Kevin Corboy Junior EngineerSelf-taught and passionate about his work, Kevin is a talented UI developer who works closely with the design team to optimize user experience and refine the visual aesthetic of Foresyte
Grace SaldanaPR & Media SpecialistGrace is an experienced media professional with over 27K followers on Instagram and an eye for organic social growth
Elena EddyCommunity Engagement SpecialistElena brings a wealth of experience in community management, helping Foresyte build its organic social reach and drive down its user acquisition cost on TikTok and Instagram
Erica Schmidt (Former) Co-Founder, Director of Field MarketingThrough her dynamic skill set and passion for organic marketing, Erica was the engine that helped fuel Foresyte's early growth and captivate its base of early adopters. While Erica is no longer with the company, the former co-founder is a highly esteemed contributor within the Foresyte alumni family and remains involved in a part-time, voluntary capacity coordinating on-premise promotions with our local venue partners.
Amount Raised : $150,038
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