Breaking Digital Limits With 2 Million Chips Sold

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January 23, 2023
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July 31, 2023
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Company Description

TransSiP is a semiconductor manufacturing company solving a fundamental problem in digital electronics. Even with the most advanced tech, high performance requires drawing up more power—think about graphic cards using massive amounts of electricity. TransSiP breaks this “rule” and enables devices to maximize performance even while saving power. Together, let’s make the world greener and more connected.

Key Deal Facts

We’ve achieved over 2 million chips sold, maintained a positive cash flow since 2019. As a result, we believe we have a robust foundation to accelerate growth.

Our patented TransSiP PI noise reductions technology provides 25% up to as much as 100x more power savings, 10x more accuracy, and 5x higher signal clarity – a game-changing technology in the $600 billion semiconductor market.*

With TransSiP PI Gen 2 expanding our servicable market to greater than $100 Billion, we plan to pursue in the future offering opportunities with no venture capital debt.**

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Desmond WongCEO, Founder, CTO and Chairman of the BoardChih Wei Wong, also known as Desmond in business circles, is the founder and CEO of TransSiP. He has over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and held various leadership roles in product management, sales, advanced technology development, and business development at companies such as Hong Kong Productivity Council, Rockwell, Conexant, Skyworks (NASDAQ: SWKS), Brunswick New Technology, Navman Wireless, and Telit (LSE: TLIT). Wong holds six patents and is the recipient of numerous industry awards, and a recognized expert in GPS and 3D-SiP. In 2016, Wong's discovery of Switching Noise Jitter (SNJ) led to the development of the integrated circuits business of TransSiP. In addition, it earned him a nominated Innovator of the Year by UBM Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards. When he's not working on his next invention or helping customers develop their products, Wong enjoys spending time with his kids and indulging in gardening and technology hobbies., William (Bill) Burr COO & Board MemberBill has 30+ years of experience as a C-level executive and mentor in the microelectronics industry. Former President of the European Institute for Printed Circuits (EIPC) and Vice-Chairman of the European Federation for Interconnection & Packaging and currently Distinguished Fellow with the Institute of Circuit Technology (UK), Bill graduated in 1974 with specialities in oceanographic and microelectronic engineering. After several years in Hawaii, Japan and the United States, Bill accepted the position of Technical Director of an Italian SME, becoming a partner in a subsequent MBO and introducing innovations that contributed to a turnover of over $120 million while developing technologies together with Japanese partners that contributed to the cellular/mobile computing revolution. At home in the boardroom and factory floor, Bill’s hands-on experience has guided development of TransSiP’s innovative approach to microelectronic packaging. Holder of black belts in three martial arts, Bill’s approach is pragmatic and goals driven. An active investor and founder/director of enterprises ranging from Digital Creative to Life Coaching, Bill continues to closely monitor emerging technologies and, when not doing all that, keeps fit training, and managing a mountainside property in Italy’s Valtellina. He also plays a pretty decent country & western acoustic guitar.
Nick PearneDirector & Board MemberNick has 40+ years of experience as a company founder and mentor in the microelectronics industry. Nick graduated in 1970 at the University of Manchester. After initial grounding in Patent Law and experience around the globe, Nick shared in the foundation of BPA (technology) which was recognised as a leading Technology/Market consultancy in microelectronics World Wide. Nick, who was primarily involved in the promotion of BPA activities, developed close contacts with leading microelectronics companies in Europe, USE and Japan as well as close interaction with international trade organizations around the World.  
More recently he founded Selling Technology Limited an international marketing organization with clients among the major electronics OEMs along with equipment and materials suppliers world wide.
Nick’s close industrial experience has guided TransSiP’s innovative approach to microelectronic packaging and been instrumental in creating the Company’s market position.

Mabel WongTreasurer, Secretary, Board MemberLui (Mabel) is a mother of three who has been a supportive force to her husband, Desmond, as he works to establish TransSiP. In 2014, she encouraged him to begin the company research collaboration with Dai Nippon Printing on Metamaterials. Lui studied at the Hong Kong Polytechnic and graduated in 1992 with specialties in Mathematics and Computer Science. In addition, she is experienced in luxury goods wholesaling, having worked at Cartier (Hong Kong), and founded a prestige preschool and ballet dance school in a Class A Shopping Mall in Hong Kong. Lui’s experience in various fields has made her an invaluable asset to Desmond and TransSiP.
Amount Raised : $306,578
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