Stark Therapeutics

Stark Therapeutics

Stark Tx is changing the way the world treats chronic diseases with gene therapy.

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Carlsbad, CA
Offering Date
July 29, 2020
Expected Close Date
October 27, 2020
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Company Description

We're working on a genetic based therapy to cure Type II Diabetes known as STK-AVi1.

What's your mission? How does this make you different?

I hold innovation to be the core driving force behind Stark Therapeutics. This may not sound novel, but the pharmaceutical and biotech industries have not yet applied gene editing tech to chronic conditions like T2DM. Changing the way these conditions are treated is a key goal to what we’re doing.


Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes (T2DM) is a lifelong disease which afflicts over 30 million people in the US alone. Current treatment requires continual lifestyle changes, medical monitoring, and medication intake. While there are multiple therapeutic options, each has its drawbacks in the form of limited effectiveness, side effects, or cost. For example, metformin is a popular T2DM drug that can be effective if taken correctly. However, a cumulative analysis of 1.6 million T2DM patients found that >30% of patients discontinued metformin chiefly due to painful gastrointestinal side effects. If you can’t take effective treatments because of side effects, you really don't have a treatment at all.

Key Deal Facts

Working on a gene therapy based cure for Type II Diabetes.

Applying premiere biotech techniques (Adeno-associated virus and interference RNA technologies).

Poised to launch a study to evaluate T2DM therapy with support from Michigan State University.

Developed and produced a COVID-19 vaccine in under four weeks.

Initiated a preclinical study to evaluate the vaccine, which yielded positive results.

Raised $50K from XX for competitive "Fight the Virus" challenge.

Use of Proceeds

If $50,000 raised, proceeds go toward developing cells for basic level vaccine manufacturing, regulatory consulting, WeFunder Fees.

If $480,000 raised, proceeds go toward vaccine viral challenge study, diabetes proof of concept study, vaccine manufacturing/optimization, regulatory consulting, lab space and consumables, WeFunder Fees.

If $1,070,000 raised, proceeds go toward vaccine viral challenge study, vaccine safety study, diabetes gene therapy proof of concept study, hiring proteomics/production specialist and regulatory affairs, FDA consulting and preparation, WeFunder Fees.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Anthony Stark
Developed both Stark Therapeutics’s Vaccine and type II diabetes treatment. Powers-Knapp/Chancellors scholar @ University of Wisconsin Madison.
Amount Raised : $16,972
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