Moon Of Tribe

Moon Of Tribe

Become part of this awesome supernatural werewolf feature film!!

Security Type
Revenue Sharing
Min Investment
Los Angeles, CA
Offering Date
August 06, 2020
Expected Close Date
November 04, 2020
Target Raise

Company Description

The world's first supernatural film funded by investors like you! We bring you a movie that has potential with creative writing and crazy twists. We funded a scene already! This is to show investors we are ready with a proof of concept video, completed script, and dedicated website! The same scene was also awarded by the 2020 Telly awards for one of the top cintemrograpy videos along with major networks like CBS!

Key Deal Facts

Our team previously worked together on 3 films/2 shows and consulted on stunt operations!

Multi 2020 Telly Film Award winner for the same film!

YOU have a say in production! You profit from the movies success! By voting, and pitching ideas!

Special access to casting videos, voting platform with our film website:

Monthly raffle with big giveaways for the first year. $100-$1000 gift cards plus trip giveaway!

Featured press in Fox/CNN/Telly awards/ABC!

Celebrity actor from Disney and MTVs Teen wolf gave us a shootout!

Distribute the film internationally and domestically, over 5 countries with our current partners!

Use of Proceeds

If $50,000 raised:

Production, including “Above the Line” (i.e. cast), production costs (crew, equipment, locations, etc.), and post-production (editing, sound, colour, etc.) Specifically, local hire, time in time out, Digital Advertising, Wefunder Intermediary Fees.


If $1,000,000 raised:

Production, including “Above the Line” (i.e. cast), production costs (crew, equipment, locations, etc.), and post-production (editing, sound, colour, etc.) Specifically, local hire, time in time out, Digital, Advanced Digital Advertising, Wefunder Intermediary Fees.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ammar Dieri
Screen Writer/Creator/Actor/Producer/Director
Doing stunts for Hollywood movies, producing feature films, working beside big Hollywood names!

Eros Cartechini
Music Composer
Amount Raised : $10,300
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