Signature Lacrosse

Signature Lacrosse

For the Players. By the Players.

Min Investment
Tampa, FL
Offering Date
August 12, 2020
Expected Close Date
November 11, 2020
Target Raise

Company Description

Signature Lacrosse is revolutionizing sports gear in the growing lacrosse industry and beyond. Now evolving our solutions-driven product line into Signature Athletics, we are setting out to solve one of biggest problems in team sports—to simplify the process of outfitting teams with custom gear. We are the only brand in sports distributing direct to consumers through our innovative Signature Partner Program team stores. Our premium equipment is also sold through traditional outlets such as Amazon, retail stores and our website.

Key Deal Facts

Product Market Fit: Makers of the official lacrosse ball for top professional leagues and championships, we’ve achieved more than $8 million in lifetime sales in less than five years and averaging 74% year-over-year growth.
Huge Growth Opportunities: Our Signature Partner Program gives us the unique edge of having a data and distribution advantage in the consumer market, plus IP on all of our problem-solving product lines, and a loyal client base.
Proven Team to Capitalize: As former and current players and coaches, the Signature team is passionate about sports. With our team's vast experience in sourcing, manufacturing, innovation, design, sales and marketing, we’re well-poised to continue our growth.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Dan Soviero
Founder & CEO
Passionate about making the experience of sports more accessible to all.

Dan also helps Maddie run her youth lacrosse program. He spends around 80 hours per week in his primary role building and running Signature and an additional 10 hours per week helping Maddie build her program! 

Brian Bohn
Head of Sourcing & Sales
Passionate about brining world class problem solving products to the market at more accessible price points.

Andrew Gilliland
Head of eCom & Systems
Passionate about bringing problem-solving systems and an unparalleled eCom experience to make sports more accessible.

Andrew also runs a few eCommerce brands on the side. He spends around 60 hours per week in his primary role building Signature and an additional 20 hours per week leading other eCom brands. 

Maddie Lewis
Head of Compliance
Passionate about delivering on Signature's world-class Quality Management System bringing unparalleled quality to the sports market!

Maddie also leads her own youth lacrosse program. She spends around 40 hours per week in her primary role building and running the program and an additional 20 hours per week leading compliance for Signature! 
Amount Raised : $253,630
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