Kombucha Town

Kombucha Town

Living beverages for a better world

Security Type
Convertible Note
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Bellingham, WA
Offering Date
August 13, 2020
Expected Close Date
November 13, 2020
Target Raise

Company Description

Kombucha Town brews energizing and refreshing live seltzer and kombucha drinks, packaged in cans that are easy on-the-go and easy on the earth.

Key Deal Facts

Ranked among the top 10 beverage brands sold in the convenience store by SPINS and a feature of our product is set to air on CNN, CNBC, FOX, Disney, Food Network and Family Channel with 400+ airings in over 80M homes.
Sales are up from $1.1MM to $1.4MM over the last 52 week period (Aug 2019 - Aug 2020).
Kombucha market is projected to continue to grow at 17.5% over the next 3 years across retail spaces, the flavored and functional water market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 11.5% over the next 6 years.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Chris McCoy
Founder & CEO
Chris McCoy is the founder and CEO of Kombucha Town. Chris’s passion for healthy living was driven by his father’s death from cancer in 2008 and acting as his mother’s caregiver following the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease in 2011. Chris founded Kombucha Town in the fall of 2011 after graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in environmental science.
When he's not at work Chris spends time with his family, enjoying the challenge that comes with being a new dad. His hobbies include: Mountain Biking, Wind surfing, Paddle boarding

Christine Harem
Christine joined Kombucha Town in 2017 and oversees all of the company’s financial functions. Christine brings 12 years of financial accounting experience. Christine has a BS in Mathematics and an MBA from Western Washington University. 
Away from the desk, Christine enjoys reading, walking through the woods and spending time with her husband, two sweet little boys, and her dog Knight. 

Melinda Patten
Sustainability Coordinator
Melinda joined the team at Kombucha Town in 2019 and oversees all of the company's third-party certifications including Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, 1% For The Planet and is in process of pursuing B-Corp Certification for Kombucha Town. She also audits internal processes for 7 types of waste and helps to implements systems reducing the company's footprint and emphasize efficiencies. 
When out of the office Melinda enjoys walking, reading, stand up paddleboarding, playing ukulele, attempting to play guitar, singing and getting ready to become a dog mom!

Trent Banks
Marketing Manager
Trent joined the team in 2020 and has been a very welcomed addition to the team - we chose to be very selective on filling this role as we really wanted a Marketing Manager with values that aligned with our company values and that cares. He put it best in his own words "I am focused on building meaningful relationships between people and the companies they love. Through communicating the stories behind products and experiences that define our culture, I work to build the realities we collectively desire and empower conscious lifestyles."

When Trent isn't busy spreading the good word of Kombucha Town he enjoys trail running, laying down a tasty jam as a DJ, camping, biking and spending time with his beautiful wife and two darling daughters. 

Rachael Buselmeier
Marketing Assistant
Rachael is the newest addition to the Kombucha Town team and we couldn't be more exited to have her with us! Rachael's creativity has brought a lot of fun to our social media accounts and we're excited to have her grow with us. 

When Rachael is away from work she enjoys producing videos with her friends, 

Heather Gastil
Brewery Operations Manager
Heather manages all of the operations in our brewery, she brings a diverse set of skills from her background teaching biology and environmental science and has done a great job of implementing those skills into beverage manufacturing! Since joining the team in early 2020 she has helped streamline operations and build excellent working relationships with those around her. 
When Heather isn't in the brewery she enjoys exploring the many parks and hikes that the PNW hosts, adventuring with her pup Cody and Travelling (well, she did when travelling was allowed and hopes to again someday)

Tony Weskamp
Lead Brewer
Tony is our brewmaster. He takes a detailed approach daily, tasting each batch of fermented tea to make sure that they are just perfect before we package it and ship it to you, our customer! Tony brings a steady pace to our fast moving brewery helping our team to work with a sense of urgency - but never rushing.
When Tony is not hovering over a tea kettle, he enjoys being a new dad at home with his wife and their brand new little girl! 
Amount Raised : $113,142
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