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Steel Jupiter

Steel Jupiter is a chemical technology company that is committed to improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and protecting the environment. Our goal is to slow the spread of diseases caused by airborne viruses through a higher level of protection for masks and air filters.

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Common Stock
Healthcare & Medical
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Bethlehem, PA
Offering Date
August 28, 2023
Expected Close Date
January 15, 2024
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Company Description

Our proprietary technology (patent pending) is designed to support a broad portfolio of solutions that are designed to deliver clean air, clean water, sustainable agricultural and water conservation. We anticipate bringing each of the new solutions to market within the next 24-36 months depending on the application. Our initial launch is planned to be a clean air technology.Steel Jupiter is preparing to launch an innovative new product potentially over the next 6-12 months that is designed to improve indoor air quality by significantly reducing the number of viruses passing through HVAC systems and face masks. The product is a specialty coating (code named Zinnia pre-launch) that is applied to filter media used to manufacture air filters and protective face masks. The submicron aerosols that carry viruses can flow through standard filter and face mask media. Zinnia-coated air filters and masks capture these submicron aerosols and immobilize viruses reducing airborne spread. Over the past 18 months, Steel Jupiter has conducted efficacy testing, designed, and operated the manufacturing process, and run production trials. Zinnia can be manufactured and applied to filtration and mask media at a cost that resonates in the market and may still enable Steel Jupiter to become increasingly profitable as Zinnia sales grow. Steel Jupiter’s business model is planned to be the selling of Zinnia or coated media to mask and filter manufacturers utilizing their extensive manufacturing and distribution capabilities.The Steel Jupiter Management Team and Board of Directors are aligned on the company’s mission: to reduce the spread of airborne viruses, whether that’s COVID, influenza or other viruses, to decrease human sickness and suffering, as well as the downstream effects demonstrated during the COVID pandemic – spikes in cases of mental health illness and suicide, and the adverse economic impact on individuals, families, communities and nations.Inclusivity is at the core of what we do and with that in mind, we champion the effort of making our technology available to all people and all communities.
Amount Raised : $2,400
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