Virtudes Labs

Virtudes Labs

Jamaican Grown with Virtue

Security Type
Non-Voting Equity
Min Investment
Dallas, TX
Offering Date
July 24, 2020
Expected Close Date
November 07, 2020
Target Raise

Company Description

Virtudes is slated to be the first vertically-integrated (producer and processor) of high-grade CBD oil from Jamaican farms. Owned by American shareholders, Virtudes is incorporated and registered in Jamaica. The Company recently acquired over 100 acres of land in Jamaica and is expected to have its first hemp crop during 2020. Hemp grown in lush Jamaican climate is the foundation for an organic and natural product that we audaciously aim to provide to the world. From seed to sale, we pledge to produce top-quality cannabis outputs in Jamaican farms with the integration of traditional and modern cultivation styles. The year-round sunshine and steady rainfall creates an ideal environment for flowers to produce industry-leading, outdoor-grown medical cannabis. As a global company, Virtudes is navigating a movement towards establishing credibility and value to one of the world’s more useful plants. With strong medicinal benefits, Cannabis-sativa (commonly known as hemp), is breaking down boundaries within every international industry. At the intersection of experienced farming practices and centuries of cannabis cultivation knowledge, Virtudes is prepared to provide a high-end cannabis product that will also bring value back into its community. Virtudes is fully dedicated to being involved in the extensive research and development of the benefits and advancements of cannabis plants and their byproducts for both daily and medicinal health.

Use of Proceeds

If minimum is raised:

  • Equipment: 32.6%
  • Marketing & Sales: 10.9%
  • Travel & Events: 5.4%
  • Research & Development: 2.2%
  • Materials: 21.7%
  • Labor: 27.2%

If maximum is raised:

  • Equipment: 30.4%
  • Marketing & Sales: 10.9%
  • Travel & Events: 4.3%
  • Research & Development: 3.3%
  • Materials: 17.4%
  • Labor: 30.4%
  • General Operations: 3.3%

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jamiel Jamieson - CEO & Co-Founder
Jamiel holds dual American and Jamaican citizenship. Jamiel spent over a decade as a contract field engineer for Erikson, Nokia, and Texas Instruments. He founded Dualat in 2014 with partners as an import-export of commodities to clients around the world and sold his shares and created TMS Global Solution ( on his own to do the same business,
based in Dallas with an additional office in Dubai. He currently oversees trading activity at TMSGS of US$15 million per year. He has also created his own brand of laundry detergent, Blue Ribbon. In addition, Jamiel developed expertise in Jamaican cannabis farming through family connections, as one of his uncles is an active farmer with extensive experience (over 40 years) in the United States, Canada and the Island.

Farrah Zargaran - COO & Co-Founder
Farrah attended The University of Texas at Dallas where she majored in Biology for two years taking courses including General Chemistry, Physics and Organic Chemistry. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on social and behavioral science, communication along with US history and government. In 2013, Farrah worked at The Zendeh Del Law firm as a case manager and paralegal assisting clients establish qualification and approval for disability from the Social Security Administration. In 2016 she obtained her real estate agent license and joined the National Association of Realtors and Collin County Association of Realtors. She has spoken at the April board meeting in Kingston for the Jamaican Agricultural Society on the benefits of medicinal hemp. Farrah has recently relocated to Jamaica to oversee Virtudes and is forging strong alliances with industry leaders and business stakeholders to grow the company’s strategic planning and development.
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Security Description

Non-voting stock is stock that provides the shareholder very little or no vote on corporate matters.

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