Goodwood Brewing Co

Goodwood Brewing Co

Touched by Wood. Brewed with Limestone Water.

Goodwood Brewing Co has always been driven by quality, integrity, and the customer experience, one glass at a time. Our growth model is a three-pronged approach: Beer, Spirits and Taprooms. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, our beer distribution currently expands across 14 states. Goodwood offers true product differentiation as our beers are all brewed with limestone water; if it’s good for bourbon, it’s great for beer. Based in bourbon country, our barrel aging experience expands over 15 years. We have 7 products in our core line, and numerous seasonal offerings. Our line of spirits was a n...

Security Type
Revenue Sharing
Consumer Goods
Min Investment
Louisville, KY
Offering Date
May 26, 2020
Expected Close Date
November 10, 2020
Deal Notes

Payback Multiple: 1.5x

Revenue Share: 8.0%

Payment Frequency: Annually

Maturity: 7 years


Ted Mitzlaff - OWNER, CEO
Ted Mitzlaff has an extensive background in manufacturing, as well as food processing cleaning/sanitation/water treatment.
In 2013, Ted took over as managing partner for the brewery at the request of the other investors. He has significantly grown the business while surrounding himself with a team of dedicated professionals. Together they have positioned Goodwood for breakout growth.

Brian Clark has been brewing at Goodwood since 2015. Brian has worked in every production position, and his dedication to quality and production protocol enabled Brian's rapid ascent to run production. Brian's never ending quest for knowledge, attention to detail and pride in Goodwood products have ensured superior results.

Ryan "RT" Thiel is our quintessential behind the scenes team member. He oversees logistics, inventories, state regulations, taproom operations, and anything else that requires attention. RT is also our resident ping pong champion.

Emily Kunkel - VP OF MARKETING
As the VP of Marketing and Brand Development for Goodwood Brewing Company, Emily generates brand awareness through development and implementation of cohesive, strategic marketing plans. Outside of daily marketing operations, she keeps a close watch on brand expansion opportunities throughout the hospitality and food and beverage industries.

Don has 19 years of experience the alcohol industry, having worked for Silver Eagle Distributors (Houston, TX), L&F Distributors (Farmers Branch, TX) and 12% Beer Distributors (New York, NY) before joining Team Goodwood. Don’s experience in retail sales, marketing, salesforce management and business development provide the tools to ensure that distribution channels will continue to grow.

Brandon provides prompt and accurate financial information so we can effectively operate our business and make critical decisions based on accurate information.

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Security Description

Revenue Sharing is a form of lending that involves sharing revenue from the business with investors as return on their investment. It is often a fixed percentage of revenue and you are paid until you earn a total return on your investment.

Key Deal Facts

Kentucky's longest continuously operated craft brewery, beginning in 1990.
Goodwood Brewing Company's media appearances include features in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Top Chef and Land's End for business catalogs and video promotions.
Our 12 year collaborative bourbon has earned accolades as one of Esquire Magazine's Top 29 Spirits of 2019 and San Francisco's World Spirits Competition 2020 Gold Medalists.
Cigar Aficionado Magazine named our Bourbon Barrel Stout as one of the best beers in America to enjoy with a cigar.
Our founder quit a successful career as a chemical engineer to, well, make chemicals we can all enjoy!