Zelie Beans Coffee

Zelie Beans Coffee

Families helping families through speciality coffee

Security Type
Revenue Sharing
Min Investment
Sugar Land, TX
Offering Date
July 20, 2020
Expected Close Date
November 16, 2020
Target Raise
Deal Notes

Payback Multiple: 1.55x

Revenue Share: 8.5%

Payment Frequency: Annually

Maturity: 6 years

Company Description

Zelie Beans Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting business sourcing high quality, ethically sourced coffee beans. We source our beans from family owned farms and believe in treating every person along the coffee chain, from soil to cup, as a human. Our mission is “Families helping families through specialty coffee.” Zelie Beans Coffee sources its coffee ethically, focusing on family owned farms in countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Ethiopia. We ensure that growers receive a fair price for their coffee, which allows them to reinvest into their farms and families. We determine the best possible roasting profile to bring out all the amazing natural flavors of that coffee. We then sell direct-to-consumer via our website, subscription service and wholesale. Here at Zelie Beans Coffee, we hope to provide our coffee knowledge to the public and for our message to resonate with the socially conscious coffee consumer, and make us a staple in households, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and churches. We hope to help the average customer become actively committed to our brand, and to help us get Zelie Beans out on their own.

Key Deal Facts

Our founder/roaster started roasting in seminary while studying to be a priest.
Our mission is the center of every decision that we make. Including what to use as stir-sticks in our coffee.
Keyna AA was the coffee that started this journey for Joseph, the founder/roaster.
Zelie Beans Coffee plans on creating a environment similar to craft breweries for weekend tours and events.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Joseph Mastrangelo - OWNER/ROASTER

Joseph Mastrangelo comes with vast experience working in churches in developing volunteer teams along with vision and mission launching in various ministries.

Joseph started the Zelie Beans Coffee and he roasts the coffee, develops relationships with owners of coffee shops and restaurants, packages the coffee, keep up with the social media, and anything else that is needed he takes care of it.

He does this not only as a business owner but also as a servant to the producers of the coffees and the consumers. He sees every aspect of the business as a reflection of his care of the coffee and the needs of both the producer and the consumer.
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