HealtheMed greatly improves the lives of the sickest and poorest Medicaid patients.

Security Type
Min Investment
Minneapolis, MN
Offering Date
August 31, 2020
Expected Close Date
November 29, 2020
Target Raise

Company Description

We provide telehealth services to Medicaid Special Needs Populations, including medication management, medication therapy, and primary or specialty care. We place an Internet enabled TV in the patient home as the portal to the healthcare community, as well as an internet enabled medication dispenser. The platform will also help minimize Covid-19 infections through telehealth.In five years we hope to be in all 50 states servicing their Medicaid Special Needs Populations, competing in a $12 Billion market segment, as a $100,000,000 in annual revenues company. These projections cannot be guaranteed.Given the Company’s limited operating history, the Company cannot reliably estimate how much revenue it will receive in the future, if any.

Key Deal Facts

HealtheMed has a contract with the Minnesota Medicaid program targeting 77,000 potential subscribers.
Company will be paid up to $3,600 a year for each Medicaid special needs subscriber.
77,000 potential subscribers in Minnesota and a market value of $280M in annual revenue. U.S. market value of $16B.
Exclusive contract with MMCAP Infuse, who will market HealtheMed to its 12,000 institutional customers in 50 states.
Provide PERS and remote patient monitoring services to assist this population stabilize their health and avoid Covid-19.
Medicaid enrollees with chronic diseases are the most likely to die from exposure to COVID-19. We help avoid this.
Initial pilot program resulted in medication adherence increasing from 43% to 92%.

Use of Proceeds

If $50,000 is raised

  • Launch and commence operations
  • 40% for payroll
  • 52.5% for marketing and sales

If $600,000 is raised

  • Launch and commence operations
  • 40% for payroll
  • 52.5% for marketing and sales

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Thomas Spencer - President and CEO
Mr. Spencer has 30 years of health care innovation experience in companies like United Healthcare. In 2016 he developed the first telemedicine wound clinic in the U.S. with reimbursement approved by Medicare and Medicaid.

Robert Arnold - COO
Mr. Arnold has 15 years of healthcare experience working with startups and fast growing companies. He has founded two SaaS technology companies with a 5x and 3x return for investors.

Ronald Mandelbaum - CRO
Mr. Mandelbaum has over 30 years of strategic business development experience. Since 2008 his focus has been on the development of senior living communities and specifically the deployment of Aging in place digital Health Technologies.
Amount Raised : $76,728
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