Eli Electric Vehicles

The next evolution of personal mobility

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Amount Raised: $349,802
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Common Stock
General, Design, Technology, Consumer Products, Electronics, Transportation
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Offering Date
August 15, 2020
Expected Close Date
February 27, 2023
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Discount: 20%

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Company Description

Eli reimagines personal vehicles by creating advanced, efficient and affordable micro-EVs for daily short trips. Eli’s goal is to revolutionize urban trips, connect cities and communities in a new way that reduces congestion and pollution. We have designed an advanced micro-EV and are planning to begin production in Q4 2020, and begin sales in the US and EU.

Key Deal Facts

The “Next-Big-Thing”: top notch product ready for production in an emerging mobility category, with fast-growing global market potential — the market for micromobility in the US, EU, and China is expected to reach $320B market by 2030
Partnerships with established manufacturers and major distributors, allows us to scale fast and reach a wide network of global dealerships
World class team of designers, engineers and supply chain professionals with know-how and experience building golf carts, vans and EVs

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Marcus Li
Founder and CEO
Marcus was inspired by his training as an architect to found Eli and enhance the urban experience through mobility innovation. Formerly, Marcus was the Chief Architect at Greenman Machinery where he led R & D for a golf cart.

Sabrina Yuan
SVP Business Development and Strategy
Sabrina Yuan is a vet of the operation, marketing, sales and regulatory environments with experience across global markets. She is the former VP of Porsche Group China.

Allen Wang
Head of Supply Chain
Allen Wang has over 14 years in supply chain management and quality assurance with leading Chinese LSEV Manufacturers, and was the Former VP of Procurement at Yogomo.

Taj Ahmad-Eldridge
Senior Director of Investment at Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator. Taj was formerly part of the steering committee for The Highlander Venture Fund, also the Director with the ExCITE Incubator, and advisor in residence for the Leathery Center for Entrepreneurship.

Gary Awad
Founder and Managing Principal of ThreeG Capital. Gary has served on the Board of Directors of public and private companies, with experience as both Chairman and member of Board Committees. He is a long-standing member of the Pasadena Angels, one of the top ten Angel investor organizations in the U.S. and its PA Ventures Fund. He also serves on non-profit Boards, including the board of Beacon Housing, and Chairs the Advisory Board of the Homeboy Industries Ventures and Jobs Fund.

Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

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