Swift Rails

5x faster and 40x cheaper than regular transit

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Common Stock
Technology, Infrastructure, Energy, Financial Services, Transportation & Storage
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Lancaster, NY
Offering Date
August 14, 2020
Expected Close Date
April 29, 2024
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Price per Share: $5.81

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Company Description

We have a cool new kind of transportation. Super efficient 1 to 4 person autonomous vehicles powered by electric motors using renewable energy that travel rapidly on a highway of ultra-light rails elevated 12-15 feet by a small pole similar to a light post. Vehicles are hailed on-demand like an Uber and quickly take you directly to your destination with no stops in between. Radically cheaper and better than regular transit, our system is the solution to clean, sustainable ground transportation.In five years, we hope to have two fully operational systems, revenue of approximately $60M, and $600M - $1 billion of projects in development. We aim to have our model be proven and that we’ll be poised for rapid global expansion. Ultimately, we intend to replace 25% of automobile traffic globally. By 2040, our goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 2.4 billion tons annually and avoid 10 million annual traffic related injuries. We hope annual recurring revenue in excess of $100 billion. These projections cannot be guaranteed.Given the Company’s limited operating history, the Company cannot reliably estimate how much revenue it will receive in the future, if any.

Key Deal Facts

Cool, on-demand personal vehicles take you safely and directly to your stop with zero emissions
Disruptive innovation for $600 billion transit market
Great team - CEO led a public company that completed 50,000 projects in over 100 countries
Key stakeholder support for multiple potential projects
Partnered with a well-established national transportation practice & have the support of a Top 10 engineering university
We've spoken to hundreds of transportation professionals and they love our concept
Our vehicles enable social distancing - current transit has a huge COVID-19 problem
We have extensive experience selling and delivering solutions globally on multi-billion-dollar projects

Use of Proceeds

If $50,001 is raised

  • Rough Estimates: Design and engineering: $20,000
  • Business Development: $5,000
  • General and Administrative: $4,750
  • Wefunder intermediary fee: $3,750
  • Materials: $16,500

If $1,069,996 is raised

  • Rough estimates: Design and engineering: $567,100
  • Business Development: $262,150
  • General and Administrative: $85,596
  • Wefunder intermediary fee: $80,250
  • Materials: $74,900

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kevin Neumaier - CEO
Led 1,600 professionals on 5 continents to provide outstanding environmental and engineering advice to governments and companies. Grew the company 60% through the 2008 financial crisis - achieving record revenues and profits.

James Enright - Chief Design Officer
30 years of auto experience and co-innovator of Swift Rails. Jim is quick taking theories to actual physical products and has excellent manufacturing process knowledge. He designs our vehicles and track to be highly functional and easy to service.

Tony Gale - COO
Experienced in all aspects of transportation hardware, software and SaaS for transit. Successfully scaled a ride-sharing startup offering services to over 10 million people.

Daryl Anderson - CFO
Twenty years of experience in financial markets and risk management that included advising some of the world's largest corporations and founding one of the earliest electronic arbitrage trading firms.

Mark Cotter - Chief Safety Officer
Lead Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) professional for over 100 projects for public and private sector clients totaling over $500 million.

Deal Notes

Price per Share: $5.81

Amount Raised : $299,295
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