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EWM (Enviro Water Minerals Company, Inc.) is a water technology company that focuses on game changing water solutions. EWM’s processes drive affordable water creation using sustainable desalination that recovers all the water and minerals for beneficial use.

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Food & Bev, Sustainability
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Houston, TX
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September 12, 2023
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April 19, 2024
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Company Description

EWM (Enviro Water Minerals Company, Inc.) is a water technology company that focuses on game changing water solutions. EWM’s processes drive affordable water creation using sustainable desalination that recovers all the water and minerals for beneficial use.

EWM’s processes are designed to separate salty waters into clean water and beneficial minerals without creating any waste. The water created by EWM’s processes is affordable because the sale of recovered minerals as commodities subsidizes the cost of desalination. EWM’s technology is applicable globally to seawater desalination, brackish water desalination, produced water, lithium-containing brines, mining tailings, agricultural runoff, and other industrial water sources containing salt and minerals. EWM also added renewable energy to be used with its desalination process such that the process also results in no waste. EWM has been granted over 10 U.S. patents and a patent in over 10 other countries.

EWM is a technology company. It plans to assist in designing a plant based on the EWM technology and license its technology to the plant. EWM’s revenue is planned to come from both consulting services and license fees.EWM’s expected customers include Governments (municipalities, international governments, etc.) and Industry (those needing clean water or creating wastewater) - including lithium/copper mining companies, hydrogen companies, energy companies, semiconductor companies, etc.

According to Global News Wire, Research and Markets has stated that the desalination market is projected to grow from US$19.29B in 2021 to US$32.02B by 2027. This signifies the market opportunity for the company. 

Two successful pilots have been conducted employing EWM’s process. A full-scale commercial plant for brackish water using EWM’s technology was built in El Paso, Texas. The plant was based on EWM’s process technology. EWM has recently (in 2023) signed three distribution agreements. One with a large multi-million dollar company that works with produced water in the Middle East/North Africa, one with a consulting company that works in Mexico, and one for the Philippines. These agreements have revenue targets that the partners must meet in order for the exclusivity to continue. EWM also has recently been requested to submit its technology for a request for proposal for three large mining companies and also is in discussions about a potential project with a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate. Overall, there is great interest in the use of EWM’s technology in various implementations and countries and, based on feedback from these companies. Revenue for 2022 was $15k compared to $932k in 2021.

Use of Proceeds

The company plans to use the proceeds for marketing, general and administration, R&D, and platform fees.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

The company has a very strong management.

Paul Wallace, Co-Founder and CTO
Paul co-founded EWM in 2012 and is the inventor of EWM’s innovative processes. He has more than 30 years of experience in research, technology innovation, project management, and business development roles. He has over 50 patents to his credit and is one of the main inventors of clean coal gasification, under which large plants were built around the world. He has worked with large and successful process technology firms including GE, Texaco, and Chevron, where he served in a variety of roles including developing and designing energy, water, and treatment projects. His diverse technical background provides him with the unique insight to combine water treatment, chemical production, and combined heat and power technologies into a high-efficiency, economically viable, minerals recovery process. Paul works full-time with the company. 

Hubble Hausman, Co-Founder and CFO
Hubble brings nearly twenty years of experience in project management, financial analyses, business planning, and client and community relationships. He led the establishment of EWM as a company and ran its day-to-day operations. As a former investment banker at Robert W. Baird and Credit Suisse, he worked closely with dozens of successful growth companies across a variety of industries, helping them consummate mergers and acquisitions and raise capital. In addition, Hubble has written approximately 20 business plans during his career as an investment banker and subsequently as an entrepreneur and also has worked with his extended family’s limited partnership making and managing private investments. He sits on the board of many companies. 

Sue Snyder, CEO
Sue is an experienced attorney and business leader. She has a degree in civil and environmental engineering and has over thirty years of experience related to business leadership, legal, environmental, water, contract development, and client interactions. She has worked with some of the leading edge water clients as a partner in one of the U.S.'s leading international law firms. Sue brings insights into practical project development along with environmental understanding from a technical and operational aspect. She has developed new endeavors in over twenty countries and has been instrumental in public-private endeavors, including leading the largest U.S. incentive program for a new facility. She has taught environmental and business law at one of the largest universities and has been a leader in many business and legal organizations.

Valuation Notes

The company has valued itself at $12M. Seeing the vast potential of the technology, the valuation seems justified.

Amount Raised : $118,477
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