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October 13, 2023
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Company Description

Harold's Haunt is Pittsburgh's Haunted They-Bar! It is an LGBTQIA+ community bar that prioritizes holding space for trans, nonbinary, genderfluid, and gender queer individuals. Owned by the local queer witches, the bar holds weekly rituals for community healing and growth, hosts quarterly mystickal markets featuring queer and witchy makers and other various fun events! It features a drink menu that always has mocktails available, with drinks named after nerdy fun things! The bar also has a small kitchen that always offers gluten-free and vegetarian options! Twice a month, the bar hosts entirely sober events and welcomes individuals of all ages to stop in. The bar works closely with a number of community-minded small businesses and hopes to continue to grow in a way that supports the queer community in Pittsburgh and beyond!

Key Deal Facts

Harold's Haunt was in the running for seven categories of the Best of Pittsburgh, despite only being open for less than a year! While the Best of Pittsburgh has yet to be announced, a little bird told us we made the final three in three of the categories!, Harold's Haunt hosts Sober days in partnership with Glittersty, a local community-minded small business. During our Sober events, all alcohol bottles are hidden and the beer taps are taken down so that there is no beer or alcohol to be seen in the space., Harold's hosts a vibrant discord server that offers virtual community space to queer witches and friends! Harold's Haunt, as far as we've seen, is the first self-proclaimed They-Bar!
Amount Raised : $8,950
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