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Be a part of bringing Inrive’s delicious, nutritious products to the world!

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Common Stock
Food & Bev
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October 16, 2023
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Inrive specializes in providing nutritious, delicious products that optimize performance and taste great for student-athletes and their on-the-go parents. Our mission is: Leading by example to create change we wish to see in the world by delivering solutions that enhance health & performance and inspire millions of future leaders to live their best life ever. Our purpose is to inspire humanity to rise above challenges to live fit, fulfilled lives. Our Core values are: Celebrate Life, Be the Change, Lead by Example, Take Consistent Action, and Make a Difference.

Key Deal Facts

Inrive provides delicious, nutritious products that student athletes and their parents love., Inrive products are 100% gluten free with no refined sugar, and are certified Non-GMO and Kosher., After years of creating products, conducting taste tests, perfecting the formulations, and building support through initial small-production runs and events, it’s now time for the large-scale production run., The initial run of the products sold out and received all 5-star reviews, even among the most discerning of critics - sugar-loving middle school and high-school athletes., Inrive is excited to have you as an investor, at any level, since together, we truly can create the change we wish to see in the world., For those who choose to join the Inrive 5K or 10K Club, those who invest at the $5,000 and above level would be added to the list to be the first to hear about the potential future equity offering before the public, and will also receive bonus access to a 1-on-1 diagnostic call, and our peak performance course to improve sleep, cognitive abilities, reduce stress, and improve overall health & performance. Those at the $10,000 level, receive all of that, plus personalized protocols & accountability through Patrick’s Executive Fit Life Performance Coaching Program. This is over a $10,000 value.

Amount Raised : $50,000
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