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Making Fun

Creating the next generation of epic role-playing games for $200 billion phone / PC / console market

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Technology, Entertainment
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Oakland, CA
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October 28, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

Eternium: 37mm downloads, 7mm email subscribers, 4.8 star rating, $20mm lifetime revenue Experienced global team, $100K/mo. revenue, high output with low cash burn Rebuilding Eternium: more characters & story, new engine w/ better graphics, mobile & PC launch 2024 Project Artemis next-gen action RPG: co-op multiplayer, Unreal Engine 5, mobile & PC launch 2024 Significant progress: New games are playable and FUN, past risk points in development Perfect time to invest: Products launch in 12 months; raising funds for completion & marketing

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

John Welch CEOCreated games played by hundreds of millions of people starting with the first premium downloads on the internet at in 2001, then Diner Dash at PlayFirst in 2004, then Hidden Express and Eternium at Making Fun., Alissa Welch PresidentDid big data before that was a thing, now jack-of-all-trades at Making Fun: running Finance/HR/ Legal/Marketing, managing several projects, analyzing game data and coding websites., Josh Quick Head of GamesCEO/Co-Founder Qunify Games: grew to 17 employees + 2 titles, acquired by Making Fun in 2014. Previously CEO/Co-Founder EQ3 Nor Cal: multi-million $$ retail lifestyle store from $50K investment to multi-store franchise w/ 50+ employees, sold in 2008., Mauricio Alvarez Head of ArtArt leader w/ 10+ years maintaining and creating IPs in variety of aesthetics. Directed highly-skilled teams creating animations, illustrations, 3D models, guidelines for UI-UX, and development of Unity packages to improve the game creation process., Pablo Marcilio Head of EngineeringFull stack since IE6 was a thing, mobile before iPad, implemented part of the systems to deliver IPv6 to the internet's backbone, created SpO2 meter for a low-cost neonatal incubator. Designed and manages Making Fun’s core backend systems., Sid Kapur Graphics Technology Architect20+ years video game software leadership. Expert: Unity, Unreal, creating 3D engines. Sr Engineer on graphics & 3D engine teams, Overwatch (Blizzard). Graphics Lead, Tiger Woods PGA Tour (Electronic Arts). Manager, Lumberyard Graphics Engineering (Amazon)

Amount Raised : $712,950
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