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Stark Drones

Stark Drones is a startup centered around building technologies that heavily disrupt telecom and infrastructure as industries. They are impact-driven, and want to fix outdated grids and make the world more connected.

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Common Stock
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Troy, MI
Offering Date
September 27, 2023
Expected Close Date
July 15, 2024
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Company Description

Stark Drones is a for profit C-Corp with various sub-entities for different research initiatives. Stark Drones has a multifaceted product portfolio and business plan aiming to tackle a variety of industries. They aim to make money through research initiatives, potential joint ventures, government collaboration opportunities, and the selling of their products. They have a subentity that is a non-profit called the Stark Global Initiative for its philanthropic and charitable projects. They are engaged in building technologies centered around heavily disrupting telecom and infrastructure as industries. In a way, they offer infrastructure as a service, and research as a service. Their primary business model is B2B. They are an emerging company that participates in sensory networks, UART communications, and aviation design concepts. Stark Drones aims to change a variety of industries, mostly centered towards telecommunications and infrastructure. As a startup, we believe that we can collectively build technology that can push forward human progress. We are building things from air powered batteries, to cost efficient internet balloons, to distributed and decentralized grids and powerwalls. Not only that, but we are trying to utilize various technical expertise to make strides in the aerospace industry and human exploration. We want to take a multifaceted approach to create moonshots that take our research into new heights. Stark Drones wants to be more than just another startup, but an inspiration for generations to come.
Amount Raised : $36,968
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