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January 31, 2023
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April 03, 2023
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Company Description

We are a disruptive BBQ rub, spice, and hot sauce company bringing edgy, delicious flavors back to the kitchen for Grilling Rock Stars, Cooks and friends to enjoy through sales on our website, in retail stores, and on Amazon.

Key Deal Facts

At MeatSoHorny, we strive to bring fun back to eating by embracing humorous branding and bold, delicious flavors while grabbing the attention of our customers.

The $13 billion global barbecue seasoning market along with our deviously bold branding has drawn the attention of consumers globally resulting in a combined social media reach of over 7.5 million followers (including 4.3M of MSH's social accounts and over 3M of our influencer partners) allowing MSH to grow by approximately 1,773% YoY in unit sales.*

Gary the BBQ Chef currently enjoys millions of viewers across social media platforms. He was featured on the first season of Gordon Ramsey’s new culinary gauntlet, Next Level Chef, airing on FOX Network. In addition along with Chef Gary owners Jacoby Ray and Chef Quinn Pratt are sharing the MeatSoHorny brand with millions of additional potential customers.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Robert GilbertFounder/CEO, DirectorRobert Gilbert is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at MSH Enterprises. Robert's strong knowledge of the food and beverage industry coupled with his expertees in computers and retail has allowed him to help global companies boost bottom-line growth.
These strategies have afforded consumers to enjoy the world of cooking while enhancing their eating experience.  
MSH Enterprises was started as a passion project that brought people together through the concept that food can be fun whether you're cooking or eating. 
Prior to creating MSH, Robert was part of the business development team and national sales director for several technology companies all which enjoyed revenues in excess of over 20 million dollars. His contributions played a key role in developing and managing the expansion of global markets. 
Robert prides himself on his drive and leadership qualities and his ability to focus on the challenges that companies are faced with in any economic environment.  
Robert is married to Elise, father of Addison and Zoe. He cherishes his time with his family and loves to eat and cook.
Robert does not currently take a salary for his role as CEO of the company however is the majority shareholder. 
Gary the BBQ ChefFounder/Product Director/Owner (Consultant)From a young age, Gary was always fascinated with cooking and fire. Starting off with easy things like scrambled eggs as a kid, he was then introduced to the grill and he took it and ran. In 2018 Gary bought his first smoker and smoked so many food items the first year that he destroyed it! On December 19, 2020 he posted his very first viral video on Tik Tok and his career in bbq took off, filming and cooking constantly with his loud and wild style of humor! In 2021 he caught the attention of Studio Ramsay and competed in Gordon Ramsay’s culinary gauntlet, Next Level Chef on FOX. Gary also owns his own Apparel, dry rub, smoked salt and hot sauce lines. Now with millions of followers across the world on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, youtube, twitch and Twitter, Gary is building his own empire one post at a time!
Steve CulleyCreative Director/Owner (Consultant)Hustling for bread since 1996, Steve Culley is a true entrepreneur along with being one visionary Creative Director.
Founder of Worth A Squirt Hot Sauce and CUDO, a branding agency since 1998, Steve's graphic design, creative direction and marketing communications experience, are recognized for his dependable and detail oriented professionalism with decades of experience in problem solving, working with a broad range of brands.
From branding to integrated advertising campaigns for print and social media, he understands the need to communicate the right messages in the right way, creating an invaluable contribution to any brands marketing objectives. Steve’s skill-sets crosses many disciplines. Being an interdisciplinary creative, he knows no boundaries. From branding and design to advertising and digital marketing. 
Steve is committed to producing effective, memorable communication solutions that deliver results. 
Jacoby RayComedian/Content Director/Owner (Consultant)From an early age, comedian Jacoby Ray has been making people laugh. He is the ultimate "Class Clown". Wherever there is a group of people, Jacoby is in the middle telling jokes. Jacoby first hit the stage in 1996 at the Funnybone in Indianapolis, Indiana. He entered the Jumbo’s Comedy Competition, where he placed first against a field of forty-seven other competitors, standing out as the only white performer on the stage. Having early success with diverse audiences, Jacoby was able to use his down-to-earth, real-life humor to begin travelling around the country as a full-time comedian. After 25-years, he is now headlining major comedy clubs all over the nation.
With everything he touches turning to viral gold, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have recently monetized him and his videos are now everywhere! Collectively, he is nearing two million followers! He is sure to make you laugh with his crazy and outrageous style which is fun for everyone! 
Quinn PrattChef/Content Creator/Owner (Consultant)Quinn grew up in a small town with a disability but that never let anything stop him. Despite his disability, he achieved all of his goals by making people smile through comedy and cooking. 
People saw these as traits that wouldn’t get him too far in life. Despite the physical setbacks, Quinn was able to build his social media network and started posting a variety of different content. What people love most was his goofy nature and sense of humor. Over the past 2 years, he has amassed over 3.1 million followers over all social media platforms and created a unique brand exceeding over 500K in sales. 
Quinn has won awards for his cooking and continues to spread awareness and mentor about his disabilities. What he enjoys the most is being on stage and making people laugh. Over the years, using his humor and cooking, he has created his own unique brand that draws people in from all over the world. 
The same kids that picked on him in school, now ask him to follow them back., Alex TrimCulinary Director (Consultant)Born in London, Chef Alex grew up fully immersed in the restaurant and hospitality industry from a young age. He moved to the United States at 14, and soon after started his own culinary journey. Working from chain restaurants, to being a chef in Michelin starred kitchens, to most recently working as a full time private chef for high net worth individuals, his passion is food.
Chef Alex worked in multiple award winning restaurants throughout Florida, moving to Chicago in 2014 to pursue work within Michelin Starred restaurants. He began working at Alinea, the only 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Chicago, and was promoted to Chef de Partie within a matter of weeks. After Alinea, he moved onto a sous chef role at 2 Michelin Star Tru. Now closed, Tru was one of Chicago’s longest running Michelin starred restaurants. Upon Tru’s closure Chef Alex stayed within the Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises umbrella and assisted opening multiple restaurants, along with assisting in the menu development and logistics of kitchen operations. Eventually becoming the Executive chef of Bar Ramone a tapas & wine bar at the age of 25.
Chef Alex joined the MSH team and brings vast culinary knowledge, and a passion for creating and sharing good food. 
Sean AndersonHead of Operations (Consultant)Sean Anderson is an established ecommerce leader with over 10 yrs developing brands online. An ex-Amazon Business Development leader, he personally launched and managed over 700 brands through both Marketplace and Retail sales channels, delivering hundreds of millions in annual sales to Amazon customers. As a leader, he recruited Strategic Brand Owners where he and his team helped dozens of startups each year reach their first $1 to $10M in online sales through Amazon. Since leaving Amazon, he has supported operations and channel sales development for several brands that have reached Merger / Acquisition by Amazon Aggregators and P/E.
Amount Raised : $367,633
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