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Hello Potential Investor, 
Let me guess, you want a 10X return on your investment.  Makes sense, and we are very excited to share with you a once in a lifetime investment opportunity that we believe will surely exceed the 10X return you are looking for and has potential to hit 30X.
History shows that the greatest investment returns come behind evolutions, especially evolutions in convenience or safety.
But, before we talk about our product evolutions, let us share with you who we are and what we are building.
Yoomi is a FemTech company with a vision of helping millions of women enjoy their parental journey with their baby without suffering through the challenges or stress it brings by infusing technology into products that enriches their lives and makes the journey Easier and Safer.
Originally founded by Farah Butt, a litigation lawyer and her husband Jim Shaikh, an award-winning BMW design engineer, who were both successful professionals that met their match with their first-born child. They struggled with all the common challenges of being new parents, suffering sleep deprivation and increased emotional stress, especially when it came to feeding time.
Farah, turned to Jim one night in tears after suffering through another sleepless night of feeding their baby and said “Jim, there has to be a better way. You’re an engineer, can’t you fix this?”
So, Jim put his design and engineering expertise to the challenge for two years of extensive R&D and Yoomi launched the World’s First Self Warming Smart Bottle with reusable warming cones.  The “Evolution of Baby Bottle Feeding” with the Fastest & Safest way to warm baby milk was born.  Yoomi’s patented Self Warming Baby Bottles warm breast milk or formula from fridge to breast milk temperature in just 1 minute, 10 times faster than competitors and our precision warming technology is the only method that protects 100% of the milk nutrients.
Jim went on to manage the business over the past decade delivered limited success as the company lacked key marketing, sales, and retail expertise.  With no investment in or development of social media and zero ecommerce strategy the company failed to gain awareness or capitalize on the unique selling proposition the product delivers.  Plus, we were the easiest way to warm the milk, but due to a critical flaw in the recharging method of the reusable warming cones we were the most complicated way to recharge the warming cones as the microwave pod recharging method was complicated to use and lead to poor consumer reviews.
Not all was bad at Yoomi, the brand also came with some very exciting and unique benefits:

An actual Evolution in a 3.6 billion baby bottle market
A warming technology that delivers the Fastest & Safest way to warm breast milk or formula
IP Protection with 18 Granted Patents in the world’s priority countries
Over 4.3 million dollars in lifetime sales
Winner of over 50 international awards
Early interest from 5 of the worlds largest baby companies
Huge opportunity to generate a large return on exit

New Direction 
New ownership took over Yoomi in March 2020 recognizing the weaknesses as a huge opportunity that could be supported by their expertise and experience, and be able to lead the company in a new direction. First step was discontinuing the microwave recharging option, and going into R&D to develop a flawless recharging method, thus the new Easy Charger Station has been developed.  Second step was to turn Yoomi into a purpose-based company with a vison of being the World’s Most Innovative Baby & Mother Care Company leading to our simple purpose.  We want to Save Millions of Tears for both babies & parents by Infusing technology into our products that will make the parental journey easier & safer. 
Due to Covid, we have been shut down for the past 24 months but during this time we focused on preparing for the relaunch of Yoomi with new branding, new packaging, new messaging, new priority focused ecommerce strategy, a new shopify website, new social media development plan, new product improvements, and through extensive R&D we corrected the critical recharging product flaw with the launch of the new easy charger recharging station.
Our vision is to be the Most Innovative Baby/Mother Care by infusing technology into baby and mother care products to make the Parental Journey Easier & Safer.  Large corporations no longer create innovation, they buy it...
We are now positioned as a Super Startup, focused on building brand awareness for Yoomi’s new 2.0 version, the Zen 3S Feeding Made Easy Complete System where we look to move annual revenues the next 5 years to 25 million and focus on a successful exit at 200 million plus.
Sounds great right?  But how do we beat the Large Industry Leaders in the Baby Industry and gain their attention? Easy, there is no competition for Innovation and let’s start by looking at our hero product which takes on the biggest pain point for parents.  You know, that stressful moment when your baby cries out like a fire alarm is going off as they want their bottle of milk now.  Ok let’s have a look at the problem…

Research has shown that feeding time is the #1 pain point for parents and it is very stressful.   When a baby wants their bottle, they want it now and the average time to warm a baby bottle is over 10 minutes.  Hearing a baby cry for over 10 minutes is stressful for parents and babies. Often a baby gets so upset waiting they then refuse their bottle when the bottle is ready, causing even more stress.  This often leads to parents suffering from anxiety, sleep deprivation from challenging nighttime feeds and embarrassment in public for disturbing others around them with a crying baby.
The Solution

The Evolution of Bottle Feeding is here...
Fastest & Safest Way to Warm Milk
We greatly reduce the stress on parents, as we reduce the time a baby cries for their bottle everyday as we are the Fastest method to warm breast milk or formula. From fridge to breast milk temperature in 1 minute (competitors take on average over 10 minutes in like for like testing).  Plus, our patented reusable warming cones protect 100% of milk nutrients as they use precision warming technology that will never overheat the milk that destroys nutrients.  So, we are not only the Fastest method to warm your babies’ milk but we are also the Safest method to warm breast milk or formula.
We make those challenging Night Feeds Easy and when you are Out & About feeding is now simple.
We also have great margins with (85% direct to consumer, 60% to retailers, & 50% through distributors).
How we beat the Industry Leaders

The Opportunity

Plastic baby bottles are the largest segment in baby bottles and have experienced strong year over growth the past decade.
The global baby bottle market size was valued at over $3.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 5.7% from 2023 to 2030.  Increased adoption of infant formula is expected to fuel the growth of the market.
There has been little to no innovation in baby bottles that past decade until now.  History shows if you create an evolution in convenience of safety it leads to generational sales and success.
Our New Zen 3S self warming baby bottles are 10 times faster than any competitor in warming breast milk or formula.  Plus, our patented precision warming technology is the only method that protects 100% of milk nutrients.  Innovation has no competition and we have granted patents in 18 priority countries to protect us.
Yoomi has the Evolution in Baby Bottles that will change how parents feed their baby's.  Now all we need to do is build brand awareness for our Zen 3S Feeding Made Easy Complete System, as nobody knows about this evolution and how it will enhance their experience with their baby at feeding time.
Over 4.3 million in lifetime sales, 50 industry awards and protected with 18 Granted Patents in priority countries.  Prior to covid we sold in over 30 countries through distributors but many did not survive as a business due the business interruption.  We are currently rebuilding our global distribution network and have recently added new distributors in Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Key Strategic Alliance Partnership
When you have an evolutionary product that will change peoples lives, you need to share this evolution with consumers.  Our patented Self Warming Baby Bottles as the Fastest & Safest way to warm breast milk or formula.  We are 10 times Faster then any other competitor, and not only are we the Fastest, but we are also the Safest way to warm milk as our precision warming technology protects 100% of the milk nutrients.  Our evolution around convenience & safety greatly reduces the stress on parents at feeding time saving millions of tears for both babies and parents.
In order to accelerate our brand awareness and sales we have invested in a key strategic alliance partnership agreement with Your Baby Club in the USA & UK, our priority markets where Yoomi will leverage over 1 million dollars in advertising & marketing leading to brand awareness and sales.

Your Baby Club is the leading digital community for new and expectant parents with over 4 million members and over 20 million reach a month on social media. Anyone expecting a baby or has a child under the age of 5 can sign up to be a member: Mom, dad, adoptive parents, foster parents, as well as grandparents on the parents' behalf.  Even if we only have a 1% sales conversion rate with the monthly new member signups, it would translate to 4 Million in year 1 revenue.     

Prior to ownership change in March 2020 the Yoomi team lacked sales, marketing and retail expertise.  Under new ownership Yoomi's weakness is now its strength, led by Scott Bradley.
Scott has a track record of always breaking sales records having spent 15 years leading sales & marketing teams with General Mills & Diageo winning both sales & marketing awards.  Once stepping out of the corporate world, he consulted some of the world's most iconic brands in marketing and some of the largest Global & North American retailers.
Scott has founded a number of successful companies and that is where he was introduced to Yoomi, with the opportunity to become their wholesaler for Asia, Africa & North America.  He fell in love with the brand innovation and the unique selling proposition which led to him purchasing the brand in March 2020, just as the world shut down due to Covid.
Scott’s pride, hustle, and desire is now focused 100% on leading Yoomi in the mission to become the Worlds Most Innovative Baby & Mother Care company that will deliver a 200 Million dollar exit.
Under Scott's leadership he has added Neil Dodds which brings over 20 years experience in new business development and the baby industry, which now rounds out a very experienced Yoomi team across all key functions from Marketing, Sales, New Business Development, Operations, Production, Engineering, and Supply Chain Management.
Since inception, over 4 million has been invested in Yoomi through equity and debt to exploit the technology, secure the IP patents, managed the design to manufacture cycle and launched the brand.  Going forward, new investment will go towards building the key success drivers in our plans.

Yoomi is revenue generating, planning on raising up to $1,200,000 at Seed stage funds to go towards building brand awareness through social media advertising/development, improving product inventory position and to support our innovation pipeline development of unique products that will support the parental journey.
Revenue History

Revenue  Projections

Yoomi's Transformation
But wait, to be the Most Innovative Baby & Mother Care company we need more than just baby bottles, right?  Of course, our team has identified all the major pain points mom and babies go through from conception to toddler stage and in line with our purpose of Saving Millions of Tears for both Parents & Babies we will be launching a range of innovative products that will support the parental journey and make it easier and safer.

Yoomi will transform its business model from baby bottles only to a full mother care and baby care company with the launch into the mother care segment, starting with Breast Aid our first mother care product that addresses a major pain point for moms, breast pain.  Yes, breastfeeding can be hard; nipples can get dried out, cracked, infected, and even bloody. There's nothing worse than not only being in pain but also trying to stay strong for your baby and to keep nursing through the pain. Painful nipples can be torture for nursing moms, leaving them begging for relief – that is why we have developed Breast Aid, a revolutionary mother care product that ensures the breastfeeding journey can be a positive experience without the pain.

Proven to deliver results, our Breast Aid Restoration pads were developed by Doctors at Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for wound care patients and are a unique dermal delivery system that will do two things instantly:
1)   Soothe sore breasts with instant cooling & soothing effect straight out of the package  
2)   Replenish 50% of the skin's hydration in just a 5-minute application
Ok, I can't share our entire innovation pipeline with you here, but I will share one more huge product evolution that should be ready to launch in late 2024. 
To date, there is no accurate way to know how much breast milk a baby drinks when mom breast feeds them causing unnecessary stress for mom.  Well let me tell you, we believe we have cracked the mystery with an innovative breast milk consumption tracking device that will allow mom to know accurately how much breast milk her baby drank at a feeding session to remove the mystery and stress. 
So, with the transformation, revenues will be diversified between mother care and baby care with year 1 projections of 1.7 million leading up to achieving our goal of 25 million in annual revenues by 2028.
We already have early interest from 5 of the largest multi-national baby companies that have reached out to us, all with over a billion in annual revenues that have expressed interest in our current innovations and I know they will surely fall in love with our future innovation pipeline leading up to our successful exit.
Join us on our Mission of Saving Millions of Tears for both baby & parents by making the Parental Journey Easier and Safer.  By delivering the Most Innovative Baby/Mother Care Company we will continue to be the target of acquisition by the large multi-national companies and we believe we will be successful in achieving our 200 million plus exit in the coming years.


Early Investors Bonus!

The first 25 people to invest at least $1,000 will receive a free Zen 3S Feeding Made Easy Complete System!

Early Investor Bonus packages will be awarded on a first-funded basis.

VIP Investor Pack!

Investor support of $10,000 will receive a free Zen 3S Feeding Made Easy Complete System, 

plus they will receive...
A Lifetime 50% Discount code for us on any additional future orders on yoomi.com over the next 5 years.



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