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Hinckley, MN
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April 29, 2024
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Welcome to REGEN Industrial Hemp USA LLC
A Socially Responsible Investment
This issuer’s offering is insured by the TigerMarkTM insurance policy.
REGEN Industrial Hemp USA’s purpose is to contribute to the industrial hemp industry by providing advanced processing equipment to fulfill the commercial potential of industrial hemp and developing a hemp supply chain.

Top Reasons to Invest

We’ve developed advanced harvesting, processing equipment and warehousing that has a potential total addressable market of $450 billion+

Our Decorticator can process up to 250 tons of industrial hemp per 8-hour workday.  

It’s estimated that a 3rd crop rotation which would be 177 million acres of farmland could be used for growing industrial hemp in the US.

REGEN intends to meet the criteria set forth by the United Nations Environmental Societal and Governance (ESG), and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) guidelines, which encourages ethical business practices.

The biggest impact changing to industrial hemp as a third rotation crop is making a statement to improving & protecting the environment.

We focus on identifying and creating opportunities to scale sustainable hemp production, benefiting the hemp industry and the environment!
REGEN aims to offer high quality end-user goods to market to develop a consistent supply-chain for manufacturers, stakeholders, retailers, and consumers alike.
The Problem
Outdated harvesting and processing technology has not advanced since industrial hemp was made illegal in 1937. This inefficient technology also creates logistical challenges moving products between the cultivation, harvesting, and processing operations. 
Furthermore, the current technology does not allow for the quality control needed to produce the high-quality fiber and other products from industrial hemp that are demanded by end-users.
REGEN’s Solution
REGEN is creating and providing needed infrastructure and scalability to the hemp industry, which we believe will generate confidence for both farmers and manufacturers.

REGEN is positioning itself for the industrial hemp boom by re-inventing industrial hemp through:

Harvesting: With REGEN’s combine, all parts of the industrial hemp plant are harvested for processing, dramatically reducing the common problem of field crop loss. We intend to achieve this through seed selection, new harvesting methods and newly developed equipment, which together will provide more collectible crop volume.

Processing: Using enhanced technology, newly designed REGEN decorticators & driers, implemented in a fully automated processing plant, efficiently process crops from the field to a higher standard of quality grade end-user goods for manufacturing.

Warehousing: REGEN’s concept encompasses all aspects of crop handling, including preparing, processing, and wholesale warehousing for full distribution of all industrial hemp by-products. Processing will be done year-round, with grade-specific products for manufacturers.


A controlled environment enables greater quality control, and allows REGEN to consistently achieve varying grades of end manufacturing goods for different purposes.
In addition, the scalability of our processing equipment and warehouse has been developed to supply the growing end-user markets with commercial quantities of industrial hemp.
REGEN Decorticator
The REGEN Decorticator is designed to produce fibers that are the same length as the hemp stalks that are put into the machine (6-15 feet). In addition, no further fiber processing is required.
It has been predicted that “hemp fiber will become the most relevant part of the hemp plant, and the most valuable of its outputs”.

Decorticator Advancements:

We believe the #1 REGEN Decorticator, for textile, is the first decorticator incorporating Artificial Intelligence!

#2 REGEN Decorticator, for tensile fibers which produce the strong fibers necessary for manufacturing replacement steel, fiberglass, and rebar. It is also the first decorticator of its kind also implementing Artificial Intelligence! 

This unique technology was created in collaboration between Jane Burnes Leverenz and Dr. Chad Ulven, Chair of the Engineering Department at North Dakota State University, to ensure our Decorticator is working smoothly & efficiently avoiding breakdowns.

The hurd is collected during processing instead of current techniques that require manual outdoor labor. In addition, our decorticator is capable of consistently meeting the demand for high-quality end-user goods. Vehicle body part manufacturers and other end-users demand fibers longer than the three-foot fibers produced by existing decorticators.

Since the Decorticator has been designed and is produced in 10-foot sections, it can accommodate hemp processing facilities of a variety of sizes. A small processor could use a 10-foot section, while the largest processor can combine up to ten sections to process up to 250 tons of industrial hemp per 8-hour workday.
REGEN Dual Purpose Dryer

REGEN Dual Purpose Dyer will be used to dry biomass and stalks to prepare both for processing.

Changes the way the stalks are retted (the process of removing the outer layer of hemp stock):

Currently, retting is done with an acid bath or through field curing where loss is unavoidable. Our technology is more efficient as well as environmentally friendly because retting is performed mechanically. The fiber produced is soft, pliant, adhesive and in its unimpaired natural state and suitable for our carder.

Developed new processes for how hurd (woody inside of hemp stalk) and fiber are separated.

REGEN Warehouse
Our REGEN Warehouse has been developed to provide a scalable plant designed with two prep areas on site:

One site for the REGEN Dual Purpose Dryer 

Another site for year-round stock processing

Our two-story design gives us a space to store the crops in controlled conditions which maintains quality.
In addition, the REGEN Industrial Gravity Handler is designed to deliver quality stocks directly into the REGEN Decorticator from the second story to the Decorticator below. The facility will provide a controlled environment for top grade quality end-user goods for shipping to manufacturers year-round.
Market Opportunity
There is a substantial need for a third rotation crop beyond corn and soybeans. According to the last census of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, the United States had 531 million crop acres in 2021 “Frontier Data.”

We anticipate that our full capacity REGEN Max Decorticator will be able to process 10,000 to 18,000 acres of industrial hemp. Based on a potential 177 million crop acres, and with an anticipated price of $25-$30 million per REGEN Max decorticator, our total addressable market is potentially more than $450 billion.
Industrial Hemp Market

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has successfully restarted hemp production in the US. According to the USDA Economic Research Service, 90,000 acres of hemp were nationally planted in 2018. Hemp acreage grew to over 460,000 in 2020

Brightfield Group, a hemp focused market research firm, forecasts hemp production will grow to 2.7 million acres by 2023

The expansion of hemp production in the United States is being supported by end-user market growth. Grand View Research estimates the market for industrial hemp products was $3.5B in 2020. According to their forecasts, the market for hemp products will reach $16.75B by 2030, indicating market conditions will continue to support increased hemp acreage.

Business & Revenue Model

REGEN Industrial Hemp USA’s revenue model has three components.

We intend to market a new full line of proprietary hemp processing equipment.

We intend to operate a processing plant and market end-user goods, such as hurd, fiber, grain, biomass, and more. These end-user hemp goods will be used to make building materials, automotive parts, textiles, paper, plastics, and other products.

We intend to market a schematic for a turnkey processing plant for other industrial hemp growers and industry developers. So, no extra expenses required for an architect or engineer.

REGEN’s processing plant will not just generate additional revenue, but it will also serve as a showcase to market the plant schematic and all of our proprietary equipment.


For 2023, we project accepting deposits for eight REGEN Mini Decorticators. In 2023, we expect REGEN equipment to be in full operation with sales of 10 REGEN Mini decorticators, deliverable in 2024.

We anticipate selling 50 units (different configurations based on customer needs) in 2024, 75 units in 2025, 100 units in 2026, and 125 units in 2027 for a total of 360 units. Once the industry growing pains are aligned and the industrial hemp acreage expands, we anticipate a 30% annual increase above current sales.

There are so many miraculous properties of industrial hemp.

An acre of industrial hemp produces more oxygen than 25 acres of trees.

It also eats CO2; 1.63 tons of CO2 per ton of industrial hemp grown.

Manufacturing products with industrial hemp instead of petrol or ore avoids CO2.  Called “Avoidance”.

Manufacturing hempcrete products, hemp bricks, hempcrete houses, insulation, rebar, vehicle bodies & parts, surf boards, skateboards, snowboards, is capturing CO2 long term.

Reduces inputs like burning coal, gas, or electricity, as well as costs & pollution.

Hemp Graphene Batteries: nontoxic, lightweight, hold a larger charge & fast charging. These batteries will revolutionize all transportation & renewable energy capabilities.

Industrial hemp makes plastic that is biodegradable. Hemp makes all paper products.

Farming industrial hemp remediates the soil (removes toxins such as radiation)  and is weed and pest resistant. Less fuel & no pesticides.

Provides the most nutritious grain on Earth with 18% protein & more!

REGEN Industrial Hemp USA is composed of talented, dedicated people who have formed a collaborative effort!
Jane Burnes Leverenz, CEO, Founder, and majority owner of REGEN Industrial Hemp USA, is a career visionary & entrepreneur of 32 years. Jane developed and created five businesses during her career. Jane has contributed to her local and state community in a number of ways. Jane is experienced with multi-faceted business practices and a developer of Team Players. She considers Industrial Hemp to be the biggest opportunity to revitalize the US economy, and a true game-changer on a global scale. Jane has a record of successfully implementing new ideas and accomplishing her goals.
Dr. Liane Gale, a research and development consultant to REGEN, is a former agricultural research scientist, doing research in interdisciplinary collaborations at several major land-grant universities and the USDA. More recently, her professional focus was on K-12 education, in addition to political and activist endeavors, where she often assumed leadership positions. She is dedicated to a future of justice and equity and sees the enormous potential of what hemp has to offer.
Jack Frechette, an advisor to REGEN, has received a hands-on education on sustainable agriculture. Jack and his wife started their own farm in Hinckley, MN. They have also founded a non-profit to organize surplus meat into donations and prepared meals to help tackle the growing food insecurity in their area during the pandemic.
Lois Kunze, a professional advisor to REGEN, has done accounting and taxes for 45 years and has owned her own firm for 35 years. Growing up on a dairy farm and marrying a dairy farmer, she has a unique perspective on farming and realizes the importance of this project for the crop farmers’ bottom line. Lois supports the potential of REGEN Industrial Hemp USA for regeneration of the land and the impact of growing industrial hemp for CO2 sequestration and oxygen creation.
For further information check out our webpage.

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