Li3 Group, Inc.

Li3 Group Digitizes Battery Metals Mining Assets through the BMX™ Platform for Electric Vehicles, Power Storage, Green Energy, and Emerging Technologies. Project Financing for Raw Materials is provided using Li3 Group's Proprietary Blockchain, ensuring secure P2P transactions.

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Common Stock
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Boca Raton, FL
Offering Date
November 02, 2023
Expected Close Date
April 26, 2024
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Company Description

Li3 Group, Inc. was established in 2022 as a startup with a mission to address the challenges in funding mining projects, especially those related to Battery Metals. The company's inception was driven by the increasing demand for Battery Metals in emerging technologies and the need for innovative funding solutions in the mining industry. Li3 Group aims to leverage blockchain technology and a unique investment alternative to bridge the gap between investors and mining projects.What game-changing solutions does Li3 Group bring? MissionConnecting Battery Metal Mining Projects to Viable Funding Sources through the Li3 Group Battery Metals Exchange Platform™ (BMX™), a disruptive new Platform of Digitizing Assets. Li3 Group, Inc. brings a Game-Changing Solution Platform for Digitizing Assets and providing Project Finance solution services to the global Mining Industry and Battery Metal Sector. Li3 Group’s positioning is as a reliable leader in end-to-end supply chain solution. The future of global Battery Metals-based sourcing, mining, technology, production, and offtake of Battery Metals include: Aluminum, Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Magnesium, and Graphite. Li3 Group is an aggregator and potential “Hub” with access to long-term, established partnerships throughout the Battery Lifecycle. Li3 Group plans to provide services to Mining Companies, Investors, Technology Providers, and Distributors and Manufacturers alike, including Thought Leaders, based on our secure Battery Metals Exchange Platform™ (BMX™), giving access to a Marketplace of Investors, Miners, and end-users alike, such as Electric Vehicles (EV’s) Manufacturers and Battery Storage Projects. Li3 Group’s innovative solutions to conventional Project Financing will bridge institutions and investors together via our Li3 Group Battery Metals Exchange Platform™ (BMX™), providing the much-needed capital for Mining Projects. Our proprietary solution, creates a truly Peer-to-Peer transaction that is secure, instantaneous, and immutable. Li3 Group’s methodology is intended to be the only global, immutable, regulatory compliant, secure, scalable solution.
Amount Raised : $49,960
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