Digital Focus Group Testing with AI-Powered Emotion Tracking

Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Boynton Beach, FL
Offering Date
June 10, 2020
Expected Close Date
September 30, 2020
Target Raise
Deal Notes

Price per Share: $1.50


Company Description

Powerful technology for measuring audience engagement and emotion. A platform to build and run on-demand focus group tests that produce true quantitative data for emotional reaction and engagement with video content for multiple billion-dollar markets.

Use of Proceeds

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Working Capital
  • General and Administrative
  • Product Development
  • Investor Marketing
  • Intermediary fees

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Aaron Itzkowitz
CEO, Founder
Prior to JINGLZ, Aaron led Successories.com. In 2014, he sold a division of the company at a substantial gain for the investors. He has extensive experience in technology management and driving growth across multiple start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. Led Hewlett Packard initiative resulting in $140 million sale.

Bill Lickson
Seasoned veteran as a digital strategist and investor in several companies including startups based in Silicon Valley. Former Director of Digital Strategy at Zimmerman, part of the TBWA worldwide network. Bill brings along years of experience in the television and cable television industries.

David Markowski
30+ years growing businesses with experience in investment banking, financing start-ups and public offerings. Served as CEO and Co-Founder of Newsgrade Corporation directing corporate development and technology expansion for an $18 million software project.

Ron Erickson
Served as an executive or cofounder for companies such as Microrim, GlobalTel Resources, Inc., GlobalVision, Inc, Egghead Software, Inc., and Blue Frog Media. Sole investor in Double Down Interactive, which sold for $500 million in 2012. He joined the Jinglz board of directors in October 2017.

Mark Coleman
Google, Doubleclick

Dr. Clinton Cimring

Bernt Ullmann
Fubu, Tommy Hilfiger

Scott Henry
Apple Beats Music, Magic Leap

Deal Notes

Price per Share: $1.50

Amount Raised : $249,999
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