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Stride Development PBC

Stride Development PBC

Housing as a Platform: Healthy, Affordable, Community-Focused, Future-Proof

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Financial Services, Community & Lifestyle, Real Estate, Sustainability, Infrastructure
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Saint Paul, , Minnesota
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Key Deal Facts

Earn a great return (not guaranteed)
Create housing that people can afford
Build housing that lowers the cost of housing, utilities, healthcare, childcare, and transportation
Design buildings that are future- and inflation-proof because of low carbon and energy operations
Lower energy use, pollution, and bills by up to 90%
Improve indoor air quality and health outcomes
Create public benefits: making life affordable, future- and inflation-proof.
Start a company that collaborates and plans with community

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Tyrone Grandstrand CEO and FounderCEO and Founder of Stride Development. Has over 15 years of experience in affordable housing development and finance, and government relations, including serving as an elected city council member. He was instrumental in creating two non-profit Community Land Trusts, and has provided technical assistance to dozens of organizations and communities around how to develop affordable, high performance, low-carbon housing. He holds three bachelor degrees, and an M.S. In Public Policy focusing on affordable housing development, finance, and policy., Joseph Frewer Founder & Real Estate DeveloperJoseph Frewer is Stride Development’s lead developer. He is also a Real Estate Development Director at Project Renewal, and he previously held the position of Director of Property Development at the Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) in New York City. He has led the construction and rehabilitation of affordable and supportive housing and shelter projects from inception and predevelopment through construction completion and conversion. During his time at CUCS, he hired, led, and oversaw associate staff and consultants to originate, coordinate, and implement all aspects of the agency’s property development, including tax credit projects and joint ventures. He played an important role in collaboration efforts with asset management teams to transition projects after opening., Jason Nguyen Founder Jason Nguyen is a founder at Stride Development. At Stride, Jason serves as Director of Public Relations and research economist. He was a former teacher of Mindfulness Based Philosophy and applied ethics under Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism and Institute of Buddhist Studies in Plum Village, France. During this time at the two institutes, he focused on giving mindfulness courses for students at Brown University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, MIT, Yale University, and the School for Ethics and Global Leadership to name a few. He facilitated and organized applied mindfulness ethics courses at Google, Facebook, and Salesforce. He also helped Plum Village collaborate with the Faith and Politics Institute and the US Institute of Peace to bring applied ethics philosophy to Congressional Leadership Development. Since then, he has pursued a Master’s in Economics at Bard College. He is currently a business management consultant for various hospitality establishments in New York City, a web and graphic designer for 360 campaigns, and an event curator and organizer. At Stride, Jason is the Director of Marketing and Finance, and serves on the development team., Safia Gelle FounderSafia Gelle is a founder at Stride Development and brings her dual experience in both the public and private sector to assist in all aspects of the development process. Previously, Safia was an Analyst at Morgan Stanley's WM division. She also worked in Congress, where she focused on housing policy. Safia attended Columbia University in the City of New York where she majored in Neuroscience and Urban Studies, Catherine McGath FounderCathy McGath is a founder at Stride Development. She managed government funding contracts at one of the Henry Street Settlement’s permanent supportive housing residences in New York City. Cathy created a leadership development program to train participants to effectively communicate with team members and the public, to build trust and buy-in, and to effectively make decisions in high stress environments. Since obtaining her Master’s degree in Urban Policy Analysis and Management and before co-founding Stride Development, she was the Associate Director of Editorial of the humanities department at Great Minds, a public benefit corporation that brings teachers and scholars together to craft exemplary instructional materials for kindergarten through grade 12. At Stride, Cathy serves as Director of Communications, is part of the development team focusing on potential project research and selection, and is head of leadership development.
Amount Raised : $85,885
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