Leverages your calendar data to help you get more done in less time

Security Type
Convertible Note
Min Investment
Louisville, KY
Offering Date
September 24, 2020
Expected Close Date
January 15, 2021
Target Raise

Company Description

Pav*r provides a simple, yet powerful tool that provides users with a place to store all of the important details of a meeting or event, and then transform the ordinary calendar into a super tool for time-tracking, task management, and project planning.In 5 years, pav*r seeks to be a tool synonymous with calendar usage and productivity. Similar to how Calendly has become the go-to for calendar-integrated appointment booking, our aim is to become the leader in calendar management and productivity as it relates to your time. Given the Company’s limited operating history, the Company cannot reliably estimate how much revenue it will receive in the future, if any.


Invest $10,000+ for Will become members of our advisory board and will be invited to a monthly phone call
Invest $10,000+ for Will become members of our advisory board and will be invited to a monthly phone call

Key Deal Facts

1,000+ users in 20+ countries within the first 90 days.
Leveraging data to learn how users spend their time.
Founders are Google experts with 10+ years of experience integrating Google’s business tools.
Productivity software market is projected to hit $96.4 billion by 2025.

Use of Proceeds


  • 48% towards officer salaries (CEO & CTO),
  • 19% towards technical contractors (product design & development),
  • 12% towards marketing (digital advertising),
  • 14.5% towards office & utilities,
  • 6.5% towards Wefunder 


  • 44% towards officer salaries (CEO & CTO),
  • 20% towards technical contractors (product design & development),
  • 18% towards marketing (digital advertising, outsourced PR, and partnerships),
  • 4% towards office & utilities,
  • 3% towards operations,
  • 4.5% towards professional services (legal & accounting),
  • 6.5% towards WeFunder 

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jessica Bledsoe
Co-Founder & CEO
Prev. CEO of RCN Technologies (cloud-based technologies to engineer automated systems for businesses) for 7 years.
Amount Raised : $0
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