Skywide Real Estate - Class C (1)

Skywide Real Estate - Class C (1)

Invest in New Jersey Real Estate Property

Security Type
Membership Units
Real Estate
Min Investment
Philadelphia, PA
Offering Date
October 07, 2020
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2021
Target Raise
Deal Notes

Price per Unit: $100

Company Description

Skywide Real Estate International, LLC is a Pennsylvania-based real estate investment and development company to explore real estate investment opportunities in the Pennsylvania region. Skywide’s principal activities encompass property development, investment, serviced suite operation, property and project management. In the long run, we aim to acquire a portfolio of diversified properties, which includes properties strategically located in newly urbanized areas and suburban areas of large cities, and the center of medium-sized cities in Pennsylvania and other states of America.

Key Deal Facts

Investment opportunity in New Jersey
Own a 3-story property 2 family property ready to be renovated
Expected Dividend Yield at 9-11%

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Tianyuan Gu (Tim) - Chairman

Tianyuan Gu was born in China, and moved to the US when he was 15 years old. He has been an entrepreneur since starting his own copywriting company at the age of 18. Tim successfully sold the company during his 2nd year of college at the age of 20. During his third year, he founded his own digital marketing company, OP Commerce which as of today, still continues to generate 6 figure yearly income.

At age 22, Tim dropped out of college, and founded Education Insider, an educational consulting company targeted at Chinese international students looking to study in the U.S. Over the years, Education Insider has grown a client base in Washington, California, Pennsylvania, New York and Arizona; during which he began working with Jenkins in the Los Angeles area, hiring Jenkins to be his Branding officer. Today, Tim is the Co-Founder and CEO of another real estate company of property trading, development and property management. Tim has continued on to expand his own business experiences to now managing over a million dollar’s worth of transactions during the past year in real estate.

Tim enjoys creating large projects and bringing them to the market. He is always excited about building various product and service lines, conditioning them to meet market demands, promoting the product or service through a variety of platforms, and making needed adjustments for them to evolve within the market.

Jenna Anderson - CEO

Before starting Skywide Real Estate International, Jenna Anderson was a Leasing Specialist Team Lead for Post Brothers Apartments, representing multiple apartment communities throughout Philadelphia, PA including Presidential City (during a lease up), Rittenhouse Hill, Delmar Morris, Hamilton Court (student housing), the Piazza Apartments, Garden Court Apartments, Goldtex Apartments and the Duchess Apartments (North Jersey). Post Brothers is one of the most inspirational companies to call family. Post Brothers Apartments is Philadelphia’s most active vertically integrated ownership, management, and real estate development firm, offering contemporary luxury residences throughout the metropolitan area. With modern loft spaces and high-rise apartments available in scenic Center City, historic Germantown, and Philadelphia’s most desirable neighborhoods.

During her time at the company, Jenna led the leasing team in breaking records in leasing metrics for the company while outleasing the competition as she understands that leasing is the number one income generator for investors. At the same time, Jenna accumulated valuable experience in lease management strategy.

Jenna graduated from Temple University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Deal Notes

Price per Unit: $100

Amount Raised : $0
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Security Description

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