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Launch Cart™ has a vision for eCommerce and digital marketing with the goal to disrupt the drop-shipping vertical and create a new category called "On-Demand eCommerce." Our plan includes a eCom SaaS platform, a B2B product sourcing marketplace and banking as a service w/ a split payment solution.

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Escondido, CA
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November 13, 2023
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March 15, 2024
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Company Description

Video linkWe're excited to introduce a transformative vision for eCommerce and digital marketing with the goal to disrupt the drop-shipping vertical and create a new category called "On-Demand Ecommerce." This innovation is structured around a three-pronged approach, addressing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, small business owners, brands and manufacturers alike.  Our vision includes a tech stack that includes Launch Cart and eCommerce SaaS platform, the Source & Sell Marketplace a B2B product sourcing marketplace and banking as a service with a split payment merchant account payment solution.Our three-pronged approach is designed to provide a comprehensive and streamlined solution. At the core of our platform, we offer an eCommerce-enabled website builder (Launch Cart eCom) empowering users to create online stores and find products to sell on a drop ship, on-demand, basis utilizing print on demand, and manufacture on demand providers. Seamlessly integrated into this system is Launch Cart CRM, our essential customer relationship management system and digital marketing tools, including email marketing, SMS text message marketing, reputation management, sales and pipeline management, membership site creation, blogging, funnels and split testing and calendar scheduling. This enables businesses to effectively manage and engage with their customers and build lasting relationships that may increase the lifetime value of the customer. In addition to a user-friendly interface and powerful digital marketing tools, our platform is planned to include a robust product sourcing marketplace, the Source & Sell Marketplace™. This is where sellers can effortlessly find the right products “on-demand” to sell from their store as an affiliate and earn commissions on every sale. This model is designed to eliminate the need to invest in inventory, deal with warehousing, supply side management or handle the pick pack and fulfillment of products sold from their website. But most importantly with our planned fintech component and cutting-edge “Banking as a Aervice” features that includes a split payment merchant payment system we eliminate the burden for online sellers to pay for cost of goods, deal with tax collection and payments to various city and state governments while offering typical banking services to our customers. By combining these elements, we aim to offer an unparalleled level of efficiency and convenience, alleviating the challenges that have traditionally hindered success in the competitive online market and specifically the drop shipping vertical. With "On-Demand Ecommerce," we can not only transform the way businesses thrive in the digital world, but also set new industry standards. Embrace this revolutionary solution and join us in shaping the future of eCommerce and digital marketing, making success more accessible and achievable for every aspiring entrepreneur. Together, let's embark on a journey towards a simpler, more effective, and prosperous online business landscape. Watch this video from our Chairman:Video link

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Percy Miller Chairman Percy Miller is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and business leader. He is the founder of P. Miller Enterprises and No Limit Records, which has sold over 100 million albums, and has been involved in numerous business ventures, including telecommunications, real estate, movies, food, and apparel. His most important endeavor is philanthropy; he founded the You Are Not Alone Foundation and the Team Hope Foundation, servicing at-risk youth and senior citizens in communities across the USA. Bernt Ullmann Board Member Often hailed as "The Man Behind The Brands," Bernt has driven brands like FUBU International to $400 million in annual sales and masterminded monumental deals, including the one between Kohl’s and Jennifer Lopez. Trusted by moguls like Daymond John and Tommy Hilfiger, his branding genius has contributed to over $6 billion in global sales. Greg Writer CEO & Founder Often dubbed "The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend," Greg started as the youngest owner of a full-service investment bank at 21. With a hand in over $100 million in financing and decades of corporate experience, he founded Launch Cart, revolutionizing e-commerce for celebrities and influencers. Today, as a digital marketing guru, Greg continues to empower entrepreneurs through eCommerce. Author of Saving America One Crowd At A Time, a book on crowdfunding, published in 2015. Jeff Barnes COO Jeff Barnes, a former US Navy Nuclear power plant operator and diver, transitioned his leadership skills to the corporate world, excelling in risk management and strategic partnerships. As CEO of Angel Investors Network, he's advised over 1,000 companies and facilitated $50 million in investments. Holding an MBA from the University of Washington, Jeff continues to mentor emerging entrepreneurs and professionals. Joshua Writer Director of Technology Joshua Writer has served as the President and Board Member of the company since its formation on August 6th, 2019. From 2014-2018, Mr. Writer operated, an educational software company he founded that allows content creators to create, publish, and sell educational online courses. Value Addon launched with innovative software functionality that has made it one of the simplest and most user-friendly ways to publish training material online. From 2011-2013, Mr. Writer was the marketing director for a website he founded that later got rebranded to become, which immediately shot to the top 5 Christian-based blogs on the Internet. GodFruits became so popular that it peaked the attention of former presidential primary candidate Mike Huckabee, who would later sign on to be the spokesperson for the site, even providing unique video commentary for the website’s 200,000+ loyal subscribers and millions of yearly visitors and grew to over 1 million Facebook fans. Pre 2014: Before Joshua started managing software companies full time, he managed his own search engine optimization company and at the peak, developed over 800 unique domains highly optimized for their particular niches generating collective traffic in excess of 100,000+ visitors per day which turned into a lucrative partnership with Google and their Ad network. Bertrand Nocella Advisor Bertrand is a Sr. UX developer for Google, having worked for Google for the past 15+ years. Mr. Nocella brings a very deep understanding of user experience and software development and is a great asset to Launch Cart’s technical and software development team. Kris Skrinak AWS Machine Learning Kris is the Global Machine Learning Technical Lead for the Amazon Partner Network ("APN"). He co-founded the Machine Learning group for the APN in 2017. Kris started his career as a Quantitative Strategist at Goldman Sachs, developed predictive maintenance apps as an AI Engineer at ATT, and prior to Amazon was a Computer Vision Architect at GoPro. He founded and sold 2 Silicon Valley startups in Finance and Network Monitoring: ClearStation and SiteRock. As the technical lead for horizontal support of AI/ML he's the 1st line of support for AWS Partners looking to develop or expand their use of these technologies across all markets including: Finance, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Public Services, Telecommunications, E-Commerce. Keith Newman Angel Investor Keith is an entrepreneur and content creator with more than 20 years of experience building compelling business models and driving early-stage growth companies. He has held management roles with Nasdaq, ReCode, , IDG, CMP, OneChannel, PodTech, Aptimus. Newman started his career as a writer and editor and then launched an innovation hub for media and technology companies before turning his sites on consulting/advisory work and angel investing. He hosts a top 20 podcast called "The Look Back with Keith." He holds a BA from San Diego State University and completed graduate coursework at SJSU and Stanford University. For recreation, Newman enjoys golf, hiking, big wave riding and is still trying to eke out his first novel.

Amount Raised : $144,534
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