Pay to talk with influencers via private video calls ?

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Security Type
Common Stock
Min Investment
Incline, NV
Offering Date
September 28, 2020
Expected Close Date
December 28, 2020
Amount Raised
Deal Notes

Price per Share: $1.00

Use of Proceeds


  • $19,750 influencer marketing
  • $25,000 technology development
  • $3,250 WeFunder intermediary fees
  • $2000 other offering fees.


  • $400,000 influencer marketing
  • $100,000 technology development
  • $200,000 public company listing fees
  • $228,450 working capital
  • $72,000 management salaries
  • $69,550 Wefunder intermediary fees

Key Deal Facts

We plan to go public in 2021.
We leverage the network effect of millions of influencers promoting to 3.8 billion followers.
CEO/CTO worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT and authored 10 technology patents.
Millions of professionals are looking to monetize remotely in the age of Covid-19.
Those investing the first $500,000 get a 50% discount on the share price.

Security Description

Common stock is a security that represents ownership in a corporation.

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