Adara Thoroughbred

Adara Thoroughbred

Join the thrill of thoroughbred ownership with a promising 2 Year Old

Security Type
Common Stock
Sports & Fitness
Min Investment
New York, NY
Offering Date
October 05, 2020
Expected Close Date
January 29, 2021
Target Raise
Deal Notes

Price per Share: $100.00

Company Description

Adara Thoroughbred Corp’s goal is to bring the thrill of thoroughbred to the everyday person. We're an early stage company that will acquire an ownership interest in Adara (the “Horse”), a two-year old colt out of Mattie Camp by Empire Maker. The Company will manage the ownership of the Horse, and make decisions on the choice of trainer, races, breeding opportunities, potential stud services and eventual sale of the horse. The Company is operated by K&G Stables LLC (“K&G”).

We would like the company to bring new owners into the sport. We want fans and investors to enjoy the entirety of Adara’s career, from his first race to his potential career as a stallion.

Given the Company’s limited operating history, the Company cannot reliably estimate how much revenue it will receive in the future, if any

SportBLX is a web-based portal that allows fans and investors to own unique assets in sports. Adara Thoroughbred Corp is a company which will acquire an ownership interest in Adara and is selling shares through SportBLX and Wefunder.  SportBLX Thoroughbreds is a company that owns interests in several horses including Adara and has sold shares through SportBLX and Wefunder.  George Hall and Joseph De Perio are board members of SportBLX Thoroughbreds.


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Key Deal Facts

Adara is a promising racehorse that will be starting his racing career in late 2020.
Adara has strong pedigree on both sides of his family.
Adara is a two year old today, and owners can experience the highs and lows of thoroughbred ownership.
Investors will have access to unique content on the website.
Owners of 5% of Adara Thoroughbred Corp. will have a right to first offer on a sale of Adara in the future.

Use of Proceeds


  • 20% will go to set aside for working capital.
  • 7.5% will pay Wefunder intermediary fees.
  • 72.5% will be used to purchase interests in Adara.  At the minimum raise, approximately 14.5% of Adara will be purchased.


  • 20% will go to set aside for working capital.
  • 7.5% will pay Wefunder intermediary fees.
  • 72.5% will be used to purchase interests in Adara.  At the maximum raise, 100% of Adara will be purchased.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

George Hall
President and CEO
Founder of Sport-BLX Inc. Founder and CEO Clinton Group Inc.

Peter Rawlins

Joseph De Perio

Tyler Sloan

Deal Notes

Price per Share: $100.00

Amount Raised : $6,700
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