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Convertible Note
Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare & Medical, Education
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Amsterdam, , Netherlands

Key Deal Facts

Serious impact: impacted the lives of >120k patients so far, targeting improving >500M lives by 2030
Europe's most active early-stage healthtech investor according to Financial Times' Sifted
Proven track record: already raised >€100M for our companies and generated profitable exits
Strong team: dedicated team of 80+ (healthtech) professionals
Inspiring network: 3,000+ investors, scientists, clinicians, universities and medical centers
Strong partnerships: Medtronic, Mayo Clinic, Oxford, B.Braun, Charité, Stryker and more
Founded >100 companies to date, meaning high diversification, lower risk.
Ready for growth: scalable platform with extraordinary unit-economics (MM: ~7.0x, incl. failures)

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Phase2EarthFreedom Phase, First Dutch, Jaap Westerling, Walter Balestra, Willem Gaymans, Remco van ZantenEx-Board Member, BA Millenaar Founder & CEOFounder and CEO of NLC with a personal aim to advance health. Over 20 years of experience in business development and growth strategies, his love for pushing boundaries allows Bert-Arjan to steer NLC's unique business model and to support the team., Sylvia ButzkeCOOLeads NLC's operations as COO, using hands-on experience with developing sustainable, high performing & learning organisations. Over 25 years of experience, including as COO at PGGM Investments, Director at De Nederlandsche Bank and Principal at BCG., Ruben Mikkers CFO Overall responsibility for corporate finance, fund management and other corporate affairs as NLC's CFO. Over 25 years of experience including at Robeco & Asset Management and as partner at KPMG's Deal practice.
Amount Raised : €7,031,777
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