The Feel Good Lab

The Feel Good Lab

The Feel Good Lab is giving the multibillion-dollar OTC pain relief category a much-needed makeover. 1 out of 3 U.S. adults suffers from chronic pain, and millions of athletes struggle with daily soreness—both with very few options to treat their pain without compromising overall wellness, until now. The Feel Good Lab has recently launched our patented healthy pain relief products in CVS and Target on the back of our #1 ranked natural pain cream on Amazon. The mission is to scale the business to make our effective, better-for-you pain relief options even more accessible to those who need th...

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Farmington, CT
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November 12, 2020
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January 12, 2021
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Price per Unit: $1.05

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Gene Gresh, R.Ph., FIACP, IFMCP is our chief pharmacist and certified functional medicine practitioner and has been practicing for the last 37+ years, specializing in the treatment of pain.

Former aerospace engineer and supply chain consultant. Led negotiation of $800MM+ in longterm contracts with F500 companies.

Former vice president of 115-person Omnicom marketing agency. Led strategy for Canon, Boston Scientific, SAP, AT&T, and more.

Former Red Bull executive and startup leader. Led sales and marketing projects in Red Bull’s largest metropolitan markets.

Former CEO of three CPG, e-commerce/digital/retail startups with prior executive roles in branding, operations and general management at PepsiCo and General Mills.

Former medical device sales executive and professional basketball player. Leads field sales and supports ops to drive business growth.

Design and UX expert specializing in brand building and digital creative that performs. Makes things beautiful and effective for our brand.

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Security Description

Membership Units represent ownership rights in a Limited Liability Company, indicated by the right to receive cash or unit distributions, declared by the Manager(s) of the LLC, and having voting rights in the governance of the Company.

Key Deal Facts

High amount of traction with current distribution in Target and CVS
Company backed by the University of Connecticut as part of the Technology Incubation Program
$1 billion+ potential exit as evidenced by competitive comparisons (watch video above for more details)
Breakthrough innovations in the CBD space ready for go-to-market
Funding will be allocated nearly exclusively toward revenue generating activities