American Dreamhouse – Boeing Ave

American Dreamhouse – Boeing Ave

Residential fix and flip project near LA's tech hub

Security Type
Membership Units
Real Estate
Min Investment
Los Angeles, CA
Offering Date
November 16, 2020
Expected Close Date
December 31, 2020
Target Raise
Deal Notes

Price per Unit: $3.34

Company Description

You've obsessed over fix & flip shows—from the finishes to the furniture, the transformations are mind blowing. But there's never been a way to participate in the process... until now.

This is an opportunity to invest in 7810 Boeing Avenue pre-renovation and participate in  the potential profits we realize from the flip. We are offering membership interests in 7810 Boeing Ave LLC to Republic investors. 

Key Deal Facts

Quick return of capital: target closing and renovation in under 12 months
Strong track record: past projects have generated 15%-50% returns
Home values in the area have appreciated by 86% in 10 years
Experienced LA house flipper who has completed and sold 15+ projects
Desirable location: close to Silicon Beach tech hub (Google, YouTube, etc.)
Follow the renovation step-by-step

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Megan Blu
I'm a residential designer and developer of premier custom homes. I work primarily in Los Angeles and have flipped over 15 homes in the area. I am a firm believer that rooms shouldn't take themselves too seriously, and I strive to achieve warm, elegant looks with the occasional sense of whimsy. Whether the project is a full scale remodel or ground up new construction, I am involved in every step of the design process (and if you follow my journey on this pilot of American Dreamhouse, you'll get to watch it all unfold!) I work with architects and contractors to ensure that my vision is brought to life. I am a San Francisco native and graduated from the University of Southern California. In addition to my design company, Meg Blu Home, I am the co-founder of Blu & White Homes, which brings design driven homes to the Los Angeles market.

Deal Notes

Price per Unit: $3.34

Amount Raised : $106,880
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Security Description

Membership Units represent ownership rights in a Limited Liability Company, indicated by the right to receive cash or unit distributions, declared by the Manager(s) of the LLC, and having voting rights in the governance of the Company.

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