Workforce management in real-time for healthcare industriesAny episode of Grey's Anatomy demonstrates the complexity of giving good patient care. Coordinators of any health care facility need the right person with the  right skills  at the  right place  at the right time. ShiftPosts’ workforce management platform aims to make this simpler than ordering an Uber. Planning and scheduling is intuitive, the tools are not. ShiftPosts changes that.With ShiftPosts, all schedules, gaps, and talent needs are viewed from one screen. The deep knowledge...

Security Type
Convertible Note
Min Investment
Stillwater, MN
Min Raise
Offering Date
November 18, 2020
Max Raise
Expected Close Date
February 05, 2021
Amount Raised
Deal Notes

Discount: 20.0%

Interest: 10.0%

Note Term: 36 months

Use of Proceeds

  • Software Development
  • Staff
  • Marketing & Sales


Elizabeth Cooper
Leading the charge

Dave McLean
Keeps accounting, legal, and financing matters moving forward

Bartek Jach
Product Manager and Marketing
Supports daily operations and the marketing strategy of the company

David Beynon
Product Manager and Daily Ops
Helps manage business development and daily operations

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Security Description

A convertible security is a security that can be converted into another security, typically equity in the next round of financing.

Key Deal Facts

In our first year of operations, signed contract with largest Rx retailer in Canada (direct access to 25% of Canada pharmacy market)
Monthly revenue grew 60% from May to June 2020, and is up 80% from July to August 2020 (unaudited), growing during and after the economic slowdown due to the pandemic
Our existing investor community represents significant health-care concerns and healthcare leaders in the US
ShiftPosts current users are from many of the major Rx networks in Canada
ShiftPosts is applicable across industries, where anyone needs a specific skill in the right place at the right time