Wow Wow Lemonade

Wow Wow Lemonade

Wow Wow Lemonade is a lemonade stand with a twist to put it briefly. We serve freshly hand-pressed lemonades, limeades, plantation teas, acai & pitaya bowls, and superfood smoothies. We showcase natural, organically sourced and culturally based flavors of Hawai'i.

We are located in the beautiful touristy town of Haleiwa, located on the North Shore of Oahu.

Hawai'i is a hot pot of mixed cultures and races. With a population of 1.3 million people across all eight islands, it is the golden ticket for our tourism industry. Hawai'i averaged 10 million tourists that came through o...

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Haleiwa, HI

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Secured Loan
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October 29, 2020
January 06, 2021
Deal Structure

Interest Rate: 3.75% interest-only period + 10.00% fully-amortizing period 

Payments: Monthly, disbursed to investors quarterly 

Maturity: 6 months interest-only + 54 months fully-amortizing

Personal Guaranty: Noelani Maglinti

Security Interest: Blanket lien on assets of company 

Use of Proceeds

  • COGS $15,000
  • Lemons $2500
  • Misc. products for lemonade/limeade $500
  • Mason jars $4,500-$6,000
  • Decals/lids for jars $2,500-$3,000
  • Merch (huge upsells) $3,000
  • Overhead $10,000
  • Rent/utilities $7,500
  • Other expenses i.e. insurance $2,500
  • Payroll $10,000


Noelani Maglinti

Noelani Maglinti is a 28 year-old Native Hawaiian small business owner. She began her career as an entry level employee with Wow Wow Lemonade and has been with the company for 5 years before working her way up and assuming ownership of the company.
Prior to taking over ownership, the company was nearly close to closing its doors permanently. Noelani was determined to turn things around. She knew she had an amazing product, but the company suffered from underlying debt from the previous owner which made things impossible to take the company forward. Noelani decided to turn it around and the company was finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel as she maintained to keep the doors open, attract s new customers and drive in more revenue. Up until COVID-19 hit, Wow Wow Lemonade seemed to be turning a new leaf. Hawaii is ranked #1 in permanently closed businesses since the pandemic (900 & counting). Reluctant to turn over and give up hope, Noelani's determination to hold on enabled the business to keep the doors open and gave her the ability to cater to as much customers that could walk through the door. Noelani knows and has put in the hard work to keep this company going.

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Key Deal Facts

Ranked #1 in the Honolulu Magazine for Lemonade
Ranked #1 lemonade stand in Hawai'i
Native Hawaiian woman-owned business
Uses biodegradable packaging