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Arc Footwear

Arc Footwear, Corp. focuses on bringing digitally native, highly innovative, and unique footwear brands to market. We develop each brand within our umbrella, relying on our team’s expertise and pooled resources, while maintaining each brand’s identity and values, reducing overhead and accelerating growth. Arc Footwear's management team, also led its first brand together in 2017, SNKR Project, which they grew to $3.5M in lifetime sales since 2017. In October 2020, Arc Footwear, Corp. received the global license for SNKR Project. We believe with our team's track record, Arc Footwear’s next tw...

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New York, NY

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Consumer Goods
November 20, 2020
April 30, 2021
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Sean Clarke
Bachelor Degree in Management and Policy major in environmental studies. 10+ years experience as a men’s footwear and apparel brand owner (international). 7+ years experience as footwear retail store owner. Buying brands such as Nike, Adidas, etc.

Marc Scepi
Chief Design Officer
Bachelor in Industrial Design and Architectural Engineering Degrees. 20+ years of footwear design and development experience with New Balance, Timberland and Deckers Outdoor. Launched startup companies for 25+ years.

Currently, Marc works 5 hours per week for Arc Footwear, Corp.

Janelle Nga
Chief Product Officer
Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters of Arts Degrees. 13+ years of footwear design and development experience with brands such as: Kangaroos, Tommy Hilfiger, CK Jeans, and private label brands. Launched startup companies for 5+ years.

Currently, Janelle works 5 hours per week for Arc Footwear, Corp.

Kaitlyn Bess Kennedy
Chief Marketing Officer
Bachelor's Degree in Business: Major in Marketing & Management. 13+ years in the fashion industry, management for high-end brands such as Zimmermann and major department stores. Operated marketing and website development agency for 4+ years. Launched multiple startups.

Currently, Kaitlyn works 20 hours per week for Arc Footwear, Corp.

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Key Deal Facts

A team of veteran designers, engineers, and marketers have already successfully built 1 defined brand and have 2 more that are in the pre-launch stage.
Our team's first brand, SNKR Project, has grown its reach tremendously with placement in 270+ stores US-wide including Bloomingdales, Dr. Jays, and City Gear, averaging an online customer review of 4.85/5 stars..
We've mastered the art of sales based on hype, seeing a 400% sales spike in March 2019 for our teams first brand, SNKR Project, during product launches.