Eventcombo (1)

Eventcombo (1)

Next Generation Event Technology

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Preferred Stock
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Jersey City, NJ
Offering Date
December 09, 2020
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2021
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Price per Share: $1.14

Company Description

Eventcombo is the next generation of event technology: Virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Eventcombo's technology drives engagement and increases conversion. Eventcombo goes beyond event registration, enabling end-to-end capabilities and scalable solutions for marketing, event websites, logistics, travel, hotel, transportation, and hyperlocal experiences. Eventcombo is a complete organization solution, with endless integrations, CRM, ticketing, donations, memberships, silent auctions, and communications.

Key Deal Facts

#SinglePlatform event solution for virtual, in-person or hybrid events, benefitting organizers, attendees, and ancillary brands.
COVID-19 destroyed the event industry, Eventcombo is helping bring it back.
The estimated global market for events is $1+ trillion.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Saroosh Gull
Saroosh Gull has worked at big brands like Chase and Pfizer with over 20 years of IT experience in business development and events. At Chase, Saroosh was responsible for capturing functional requirements for and implementing the multi-billion dollar flagship P2P payment product, Quickpay (now Zelle). Leading the charge to flip an entire industry on its head, Saroosh takes the helm for Eventcombo’s overall direction.

Saily Joshi
VP Business Development
Saily Joshi is an attorney turned entrepreneur, leading business development and operations with a corporate background in events. Saily drives the sales activities for Eventcombo, managing enterprise relationships and fostering a culture of inclusion and giving back to the community.

David Solodukho
Creative / Head of UX
David Solodukho is an information architect, previously with American Express and Jet.com. With a brilliant approach to information consumption and display, David is responsible for the end user experience of Eventcombo, from front end to back end architecture and how data is consumed and displayed falls under David’s responsibility.

Syed Ali
Head of Technology
Syed is a full-stack engineer and infrastructure SME, working in the past with Gucci and L’Oreal. Syed is responsible for the architecture and infra of all of Eventcombo’s environments, while driving the team to its mission-critical deliveries, week in, week out. The entire tech stack and engineering program is managed by Syed.

Deal Notes

Price per Share: $1.14

Amount Raised : $55,818
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