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619 Sombrero, LLC invests in luxury vacation homes in a prime location, a tropical beach destination for short-term vacations rental in the Florida Keys. We specialize in buying and managing large vacation rentals with 6-8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms to accommodate sizable gatherings like Family Reunions and Large Groups vacationing together in the Keys.

The larger the vacation rental, the more money we can charge per bedroom. 619 Sombrero, LLC brands our vacation rentals as being the best Family-Friendly vacation rentals in the Florida Keys. The website and dba is called FloridaKeysVill...

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Marathon, FL

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October 22, 2020
November 30, 2021


Captain Robert Stephens, spent five years in the Vietnam period flying from Warner Robbins Ga to Vietnam and other Air-Force bases around the world. Capt. Bob has a degree in finance, from SIU, and started a Masters in Hotel & restaurant management. Since being honorable discharged from the Air-Force Capt. Bob has been in the entrepreneurial style of businesses with mostly a real estate back-ground. Has owed and operated a self-storage business for 10 years, built over a dozen $1m spec homes in Highland Park, Tx, operated a luxury 100’ yacht in SE Alaskan waters, started and sold numerous restaurants from pizza to fine dining in AZ.

Created a rooming house concept in Seattle where he owned 5 buildings with a 92% occupancy and sold each property for over $1m. Total managed rooms 49.

Capt. Bob basically retired at 40 and has been creating cash flow investments for his portfolio ever since. Capt. Bob also wrote a book called “Voyages of the Heart” which consists of 125 short stories of the reality of what we fail to see on a daily basis---as we walk down the path of life, every day, without smelling the roses.

Liz Kohout, is the marketing director for Floridakeysvacationvillas.com and owned and operated a repackaging facility in Cleveland, OH in a 50,000 Sq.Ft. building with 50 plus employees. The business was doing over $2.5m per year until Nafta was signed then over the next few years all the business, that she personally developed, went over-seas looking for cheaper labor.

Liz is also very creative and has been crossed trained in web-design and has an excellent marketing back-ground.

Both Capt. Bob and Liz are hands on type of people and like to make sure all the dots and T’s are crossed and do not rely on a lot of hired help to get simple tasks accomplished. Capt. Bob’s son owns and operates a small pizza chain, doing $5m per year-90 employees and real estate development company all with Capt. Bob distant and welcome advise. Tanner is only 37 and retired well at 35. Runs in the family.

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Price per Unit: $2000

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Key Deal Facts

Florida Keys is one of the most popular destination locations in the U.S.
The tropical warm weather, tranquil turquoise ocean waters plus white sandy beaches.
Fishing MECA for Sports Fisherman from all over the world come to Marathon Florida and the Keys. It’s the top location for avid fishermen.
Florida Keys is the perfect investment location because it’s now a year-round destination location for people from all over the world. Making our vacation rentals much more profitable for our investors than other seasonal type vacation spots.
We acquire luxury hard assets by purchasing the properties out right. We don’t sub-rent these properties. We own the real estate so investors reap all the benefits of ownership plus the Capital Gains when it’s sold.
We strategically purchase existing vacation rentals. Because of their years of rental history and great customer base with 5 star reviews.
We find properties to optimize income by turning part-time rentals into full-time year round vacation rentals. Increasing these profits by 50%
We find properties to optimize income by turning part-time rentals into full-time year round vacation rentals. Increasing these profits by 50%
Vacation Rental growth is 160+ Billion and is experiencing 12.5% year-on-year growth in the U.S.