Digitizing the psychic industry

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Common Stock
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Orlando, FL
Offering Date
December 28, 2020
Expected Close Date
May 01, 2021
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Deal Notes

Price per Share: $4.50

Company Description

Psychics1on1 is creating a technology-driven marketplace for the global psychic community and their customers. We are building from the ground-up the next-generation platform that empowers independent psychics to establish, market, and grow their own businesses and allows customers to find, evaluate, and engage with psychics via their choice of communication: text, call, video. All of this is done from the comfort of everyone’s own home. Our tech and ability to attract psychics and customers to one platform will make us a leader in the $2.2 billion psychic industry.

Key Deal Facts

Technology already built – seed capital used to create digital platform, develop business tools for psychics and review and selection tools for customers, and launch text/call/video features
Critical mass of psychics on the platform and proven traction with customers – Over 2,000 verified psychics from across the country are using our platform, providing more than enough psychics to create an engaging community for consumers. In addition, our platform has serviced over 9,500 customers
Stagnant industry poised for disruption – We are group of young tech engineers and marketers who believe that technology can be used to reinvigorate struggling industries and return power back to individual professionals

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Robert Earl
Founding Shareholder
Founder Robert Earl is a renowned marketer and brand developer who founded Planet Hollywood and many other successful consumer brands. Thanks to Robert’s PR experience, Psychics1on1 has already been featured on national media programs, including Extra.
Robert dedicates approximately 10 hours per week to 1ON1.COM, LLC, and Psyschics1on1, Inc., collectively.

Avi Vaknin
Head of Technology
Avi Vaknin serves as Psychics1on1's Head of Technology.
Avi is the founder behind such storied brands such as Telx Computers, Telx Web, and HomeEscape. Telx Computers has become one of the top 5 IT (as rated by PC Magazine) in just six years. 
Avi dedicates approximately 25 hours per week to 1ON1.COM, LLC, and Psyschics1on1, Inc., collectively.

Kelsey Malmberg
Director of Marketing
Seasoned marketing executive, Kelsey Malmberg is well-cultured in building brand-to-marketing plan, from infrastructure and strategy to execution and performance analysis. At the helm of marketing and product design, Kelsey brings 8+ years experience managing ATL/BTL, sponsorships and production for Microsoft, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Nationwide, NFL, PGA - among notables.

Thomas Avallone
Tom Avallone serves as a Director of, Inc.
Tom serves as Vice Chairman of the Earl Enterprises® group of companies in Orlando, Florida since March 2012. 
Tom formerly served as the Chief Financial Officer of Planet Hollywood Intl, Inc. and Hard Rock Café International, Inc. 
Tom's primary employment is at Earl Enterprises. Tom dedicates approximately 10 hours per week to 1ON1.COM, LLC, and Psyschics1on1, Inc., collectively.

Jeffrey Sirolly
Jeff Sirolly serves as the Secretary to Psychics1on1, Inc.
Jeff also serves as the General Counsel for the Earl Enterprises® group of companies since January 2019 in Orlando, Florida.
Jeff's primary employment is at Earl Enterprises. Jeffrey dedicates approximately 10 hours per week to 1ON1.COM, LLC, and Psyschics1on1, Inc., collectively.

Deal Notes

Price per Share: $4.50

Amount Raised : $37,702
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