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digieBot is the first professional, automated trading system for the average trader. A system built around volume analysis, coupled with advanced money management techniques. These two Power-Packed systems create a winning trading experience unlike any other for both the Beginner and for the Advanced trader.

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Dewey, AZ

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Common Stock
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December 28, 2020
May 15, 2021

Use of Proceeds

  • General Operating Capital
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Support / Staff
  • Equipment / Servers
  • Development Progress


Doug Kyle, digieBot Founder, and President
digieBot Business Operations, Algorithm Development, and Marketing

Mr. Kyle started as a foreign currency trader in 2004. He taught thousands of people to trade and was a guest speaker on the Ninja Trader platform multiple times. As a foreign currency trader, Mr. Kyle developed numerous trading strategies along with automated trading indicators. It is this experience that he brings to the growing cryptocurrency trading market. The development of digieBot fulfills his desire to create a tool that could benefit both the advanced and novice trader. Mr. Kyle acknowledges that while he has an extensive trading background, digieBot was a massive undertaking to accomplish. He applied his years of trading experience and the collaboration and development efforts of a phenomenal programming team lead by Mr. Abbas and his trading partner Mr. Brendan Duff.

Mr. Kyle has been a serial entrepreneur most of his life. He has started many companies and sold his Southern California insurance-based company to a credit union for seven figures.

Brendan Duff, digieBot Founding Member
Business Operations, Algorithm Development and Marketing

Mr. Duff has more than 20 years of trading experience. He has traded stocks, index futures, commodities, Forex, options, and now cryptocurrencies. If a trading instrument has price movement and volume, Mr. Duff believes we can trade it. He has also spent 23 years working in the finance and technology sector, focusing on process and system automation. Together, Mr. Kyle and Mr. Duff have developed numerous trading applications (both automated and semi-automated). Some were standalone applications that leveraged APIs to trade directly with brokers or on ECNs. Others were plugins for popular retail trading platforms such as Ninja Trader, Trade Station, Meta Trader, and Trading View.

Mudasser Abbas
Founder of Vizz Web Solutions and digieBot Founding Member
Head of Software Development for digieBot

Mudasser Abbas is the founder of Vizz Web Solutions with over 14 years of experience in the IT field. He employs and manages a team of roughly 40 people. Vizz Web Solutions is a leading, highly innovative software house, systems integrator, and technology provider. Vizz Web Solutions provides leading-edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations, and government to allow competent and effective secure access and communication with various diverse information resources and services, anytime and anywhere. Their main work areas are web applications design and development, e-commerce, mobile app design and development, crowdfunding, social community websites, and plugin development.

Mr. Abbas is a digieBot founding member. He is an Algorithm designer and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert and ensures digieBot site reliability and security. Mr. Abbas is a strategic leader and software analyst focusing on software development.

Peter Gantner, digieBot Founding Member
Acting Consulting Position to the Founding Members
CEO kulaBrands Inc

Mr. Gantner was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine for his creation, Crazy Bones. The game became so popular in North America that a special collection of 24 Crazy Bones characters became McDonald's Happy Meal toys in 2000.

Fast forward to 2016. Mr. Gantner pioneered another great idea that would undoubtedly revolutionize the home-based business industry!

This time, he created a community, not just a company. It is a community of like-minded individuals that support inventors and start-ups by endorsing their products and expediting them out into the marketplace. In return, these start-ups and inventors pay the kulaBrands community a portion of their profit in the form of reverse royalties.

Deal Structure

Price per Share: $7.00

Deal Perks

  • The first 25,000 shares purchased will receive a bonus of 30%
  • The next 25,000 shares purchased will receive a bonus of 15%

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Key Deal Facts

Over 1 Million Dollars
Sold 75,214 Trades
24% already closed in Profit
Average profit 53% (currently digieBot algorithms are being implemented that are targeting larger profit targets, such as 2.5% and higher)
76% in Money Management (still being managed by digieBot) as the current algorithms are designed in a way that rarely results in closing trades with a loss. However, there are external factors, which are outside digieBot's control that can lead to losses.