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Common Stock
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Fort Worth, TX
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January 19, 2021
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July 20, 2021
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Series B Common Stock

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Company Description

BookSniffer is an online platform that helps independent authors market themselves to readers at an affordable price. With more than 1,600 authors on the platform to date and an average app rating of 4.6 stars across iOS and Android, BookSniffer is already helping readers and authors find one another in an exciting new way.

Key Deal Facts

Launched in 2020, BookSniffer has begun generating revenue as of October 31, 2020, with 1,600+ authors using the platform.
The mobile app market, currently worth $154 billion, is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of 11.5% through 2027.
Within the book market, which is worth $122 billion, more and more authors are publishing independently, changing the landscape of the book marketing industry as a whole.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Eric Knight
Secretary & Director
Eric Knight is a co-founder of Bladeborn, LLC and is serving in the capacities of Secretary and Director for BookSniffer, Inc. In 2018, Eric became a full-time novelist and has multiple bestselling titles to his credit. Prior to his breakout success as an author, Eric taught Language Arts in public school for five years. Eric was last employed as a teacher at the Catalina Foothills Highschool in Arizona in 2015 and 2016, and as a Program Director for Desert Men’s Council in 2015. Eric earned his Masters in Social Work from Arizona State University, in addition to a Post-baccalaureate with Teaching of English certification and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing, both from the University of Arizona. 
Eric's primary occupation is being an author. He works approximately 10 hours per week for BookSniffer Inc.

Sean Hansen
CEO & Director
Sean Hansen is serving in the capacity of Chairperson and CEO for BookSniffer, Inc. Sean is responsible for all executive and management duties related to the platform, including leading our product design, development, systems integration, marketing, legal, capitalization, and administrative functions. In addition to this position, for the past five years, Sean has worked as an independent author and freelance consultant in the marketing industry. Sean’s professional background spans over 20 years in management, sales, marketing, and software product development, serving companies in the telecommunications, healthcare information, and document management industries. Sean is also a bestselling fantasy author (writing under the pen name Sean Hinn), entrepreneur, musician, graphic artist, animator, and father of three young adults. Sean graduated high school at the age of 16 and enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he served and was discharged honorably in the Strategic Air Command in the capacity of Electronic Warfare System Specialist.

Janice Defluiter
Janice DeFluiter is serving in the capacity of Director for BookSniffer, Inc. Janice is a bestselling epic fantasy author (writing under the pen name JA Andrews) who has sold nearly 50,000 books. She is a three-time semi-finalist in the Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog Off and was shortlisted in's Fantasy Awards: Best Self Published Novel 2017. Janice worked for eight years at Power Engineers, Inc. in both their Telecommunications and Energy Transmission & Distribution departments. Janice earned her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology as well as a B.A. of Fine Arts from Wheaton College.
Janice's primary occupation being an author. She works approximately 10 hour per week for BookSniffer Inc.

Angela J Ford
Angela J. Ford is serving in the capacity of Director for BookSniffer, Inc. Angela is a bestselling epic fantasy author whose book marketing blog won an award for being one of the Top 50 Writing Blogs in 2018 by Positive Writer. Angela provides website services and does contract work. She works with digital marketing teams on website content management and email marketing. Her past roles include serving as Project Manager for a web development company, creating proposals, timelines and delegating tasks to the development team. As a content manager, she worked with marketing agencies and entrepreneurs with social media and website management, including uploading blog posts, videos, podcasts and other content. As a marketing manager, she has ghostwritten ebooks, written and edited newsletters, blogs and website content. Angela earned her B.A. in Entertainment and Music Business from Belmont University.
Angela's primary occupation is being an author. She works approximately 10 hours per week for BookSniffer Inc.

John Kang
John Kang is serving in the capacity of Director for BookSniffer, Inc. John is a bestselling epic fantasy author (writing under the pen name JC Kang) who has sold over 75,000 books and garnered over 30 million page reads in Kindle Unlimited. John is a two time semi-finalist in Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off. He has served in roles as an editor and technical writer in Taiwan as well as a Public Relations/grant writer at the San Francisco Chinese Culture Center. John has served on the Board of Directors of the Asian American Society of Central Virginia, and as President of the Organization of Chinese Americans Central Virginia Chapter. He also founded and now manages both an acupuncture clinic and martial arts school in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. John works as the owner of Traditional Asian Health Center in Virginia and has since 2003. John graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Foreign Affairs and went on to earn his M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
John's primary occupation is being a business manager. He works approximately 30 hours per week for BookSniffer Inc.

Meg Jolly
Megan Jolly is serving in the capacity of Director for BookSniffer, Inc. Meg is a USA Today Bestselling fantasy author under her pen name Meg Cowley. Since 2017, Meg has been a full-time writer and sold approximately 125,000 books worldwide. In addition to writing, Meg is also an experienced illustrator, having worked in a variety of fields from adult coloring books to private commissions. Currently, she operates a successful business illustrating fantasy book covers. Meg holds a First-Class BA (Hons) degree in Primary Education (with QTS), in addition to AAT qualifications in accountancy, with several years’ experience working in both fields.
Meg's primary occupation is being an author. She works approximately 10 hours per week for BookSniffer Inc.

Melinda Spencer-Crabbe
Melinda Spencer-Crabbe is serving in the capacity of Director for BookSniffer, Inc. She is an internationally bestselling fantasy author (writing under the pen name ML Spencer) with six novels published. Among her writing accomplishments are winning the IndieReader Discovery Award and the San Bernardino County Writing Celebration. Melinda also has considerable experience in editing. She has taught Biology for over 20 years and is currently employed as a teacher, since 2005, in the San Bernardino California School District, and in her capacity as a teacher, she has also served as a Technology Integration Coach, Science Department Chair, and a Program Specialist for the Career Academies. Prior to teaching, she served as a retail credit manager for a major department store. Melinda earned her Bachelor's degree at University of California, Riverside.
Melinda's primary occupation is being an author. She works approximately 10 hours per week at BookSniffer Inc.

Deal Notes

Series B Common Stock

Price per Share: $0.36

Amount Raised : $143,067
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