A comprehensive telehealth platform for veterinarians and pet owners.

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Common Stock
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Yarrow Point, WA
Offering Date
January 26, 2021
Expected Close Date
May 20, 2021
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Price per Share: $250.00


Company Description

The Company's product, known as Benevet, is a comprehensive telehealth platform that allows pet owners and veterinarians to hold online appointments and maintain online medical records. It supports secure messaging, online video and audio consultations, photo and video storage as part of the medical record, and more. The Benevet product provides pet owners with a way to get quality care anytime, from anywhere, and veterinarians with a way to work efficiently and add revenue.

The Company’s Benevet product was originally developed by Benecast, LLC (“Benecast”); Benevet Social Purpose Corporation is a subsidiary of Benecast. Benecast still owns the technology on which the Benevet product is built, but irrevocably licensed that technology to Benevet Social Purpose Corporation (“the Company”) in exchange for shares of the Company’s common stock.

In 5 years, we'd love for Benevet to be the standard platform for virtual veterinary care and online medical record storage, and to expand from its initial concept to include data from new technologies such as pet health monitoring systems, genetic information, integration with other medical record systems, and more. These are projections and cannot be guaranteed. Given the Company’s limited operating history, the Company cannot reliably estimate how much revenue it will receive in the future, if any.

Key Deal Facts

Benevet helps veterinarians provide better care, more efficiently and more profitably.
Benevet improves pet owners' satisfaction and overall quality of care.
Benevet handles video and audio meetings, client photos and videos, secure messages, billing, & documentation.
Benevet's centralized data storage alleviates the need for practices to fax or email information.
Benevet enables veterinarians to work efficiently with other veterinarians, such as specialists.
Benevet is the only veterinary telehealth platform seeking veterinarian-only investors.
Benevet is committed to supporting the success of veterinary practices of all types and specialties.
Our team includes highly respected veterinary advisors who are leaders in their field.

Use of Proceeds


  • 80% design and build of desktop and app platforms
  • 12.5% marketing and legal fees
  • 7.5% Wefunder fees 


  • 70% design and build of desktop and app platforms, including additional features
  • 22.5% marketing and legal fees
  • 7.5% Wefunder fees 

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Dan Guralnick
Co-founder and CEO
Dan is a human cardiologist and pet owner with over 15 years integrating telehealth into his practice. He is obsessed with bringing all the benefits of telehealth he and his patients experience to the world of veterinary medicine.

David Guralnick
Co-Founder and CTO
David has 30 years' experience in user experience design, software design, cognitive science, and online learning. He has won numerous design awards and specializes in new approaches to making technology efficient and easy to use.

Ted Cohn
veterinary advisor
Ted spent over 40 years in private practice as a companion animal veterinarian. He is a past American Veterinary Medical Association president and has maintained a strong interest in veterinary telemedicine and informatics for many years.

Shane Ryan
veterinary advisor
Shane is a practicing companion animal veterinarian based in Singapore and has held many leadership positions, most recently serving as president of largest global companion animal veterinary community, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association.

Jason Nicholas
veterinary advisor
Jason is a former ER and general practice veterinarian who founded Preventive Vet, providing online education helping pet owners keep their dogs and cats safe. He is a leading pet safety expert, author and regularly appears on TV and in the media.

Heidi Ward-McGrath
veterinary advisor
Heidi is CEO and senior veterinary surgeon at Vetcare Limited focusing on surgery, orthopedics, dermatology, and nutrition. She is a former winner of New Zealand Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Kiwibank Local Hero Medallist for Animal Welfare.

Deal Notes

Price per Share: $250.00

Amount Raised : $0
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