Coworking, Office and Studio Solutions

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Membership Units
Real Estate
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Chicago, IL
Offering Date
February 03, 2021
Expected Close Date
May 01, 2021
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Deal Notes

Price per Unit: $10.00


Company Description

OFFIX Studio provides affordable, all-inclusive studio spaces and smart solutions for service providers who want to operate an independent business and nurture their own client relationships.

Key Deal Facts

Already achieved an approximate 28% monthly profit margin since launch in July 2020, despite COVID-19.
By reducing overhead OFFIX brings down costs substantially, enabling their customers to start their businesses for less than $1,000.
90% of OFFIX’s clients are people of color, and OFFIX hopes to make it more accessible for members of marginalized communities (with more limited access to loans) to start their own businesses.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Lior David
With 15 years of experience in real estate entrepreneurship, my latest business venture has centered on innovating the current office space market. I have been inspired to tweak the ever-expanding coworking industry by infusing my spaces with resources and solutions for our tenants that are unheard of anyplace else. My Master's Degree in Business Management has aided me in creating an exemplary team that always pushes for the greatest results. My background in entrepreneurship and modern marketing has become the foundation to my success. I am most proud to share that the office brand I created just 2 years ago, OFFIX, has expanded into four branches with four more openings up in 2021.

Kineret Korin
Sales manager
Kineret is responsible for lead management, sales manager management, meetings with customers. Kineret is professionally responsible for managing the flow of the office creating processes and systems to enhance company operations. Kineret is also in charge of lead management, handling all incoming leads, answering the telephone, and coordinating meetings. She also handles contracts and customer service.

Valeria Vaez
Managing social networks and community relations Public
Working with brokers, working with the community, social networks, collaborations. Relations and Marketing Coordinator Has a focus on community partnership and outreach. Valeria works with other marketing team members to create content for social media, our blog, and our website, as well as marketing materials. Also in charge of media and community outreach, making connections that will help get the word out about OFFIX. She also pitches OFFIX content to other publications for better reach and recognition.

Jesse Alvarez
Maintenance Manager
Jesse is in charge of the day-to-day care and maintenance of our locations. Jesse is responsible for the day-to-day care and maintenance of our locations.
Manages the maintenance team, cleaning the facilities, and helping to maintain the general cleanliness. Jesse also includes many maintenance tasks like painting, moving furniture, and contractors getting extra help. It helps maintain any space and ensures that they are equipped with appropriate materials and everything is in order

Reut May
Administrative manager
working with suppliers and contractors, payments, collection. Reut deals with the management of the office of the CEO and the executive team. She is responsible for various tasks and activities including executive calendar management for the CEO, ensuring logistics, venue, meeting preparation, minutes, and distributing reports of the executive meetings to the stakeholders with their respective action items to execute. Reut also manages the executive team attendance management system and oversees executive team travel arrangements.

Deal Notes

Price per Unit: $10.00

Amount Raised : $15,193
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