Innerg Juice & Yoga

Innerg Juice & Yoga

Black Female Owned Wellness Brand: Juice + Yoga

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Revenue Sharing
Food & Bev
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Nashville, TN
Offering Date
December 23, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 22, 2021
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Company Description

The wellness industry is booming. Social media and the millennial generation’s focus on health and fitness have led to a boom in wellness-oriented brands and influencers. However, as the industry grows, a long-standing problem has only intensified.

The wellness industry has a representation problem. By and large, wellness spaces are dominated by brands built around a specific type of consumer - white, affluent, and unnaturally skinny.

Inner G is different. Led by Nielah Burnett, Inner G is building an inclusive community focused on empowerment, inclusion, and community. Inner G isn’t only a wellness brand that centers diverse people and diverse bodies. It is also focused on bringing empowered wellness and healthy habits into communities that lack access to healthy food and fitness options.

Key Deal Facts

Existing juice delivery business grew 171% in 2020, from $20K to $54K
As the pandemic hit, InnerG Juiceistas drove 3,000 miles to deliver 2,000 bottles of juice
Now opening flagship juice bar and yoga studio in Nashville's burgeoning Buchanan Arts District
Secured $30K Line of Credit towards the buildout of the storefront
Deploying 3 juice vending machines in May 2021; Planning to open 5 additional stores by 2024
$30M market opportunity in Nashville alone for juice and yoga sectors of wellness industry

Use of Proceeds


60% towards studio and juice bar renovation, 10% towards purchasing first 2 vending machines, 5% towards professionally filmed yoga classes for virtual yoga studio offerings, 10% towards social media marketing, 6.5% towards WeFunder fee, 8.5% towards local and national PR campaign 


35% towards studio and juice bar renovation, 25% towards equipment purchase, 5% towards purchasing first 2 vending machines, 8.5% towards professionally filmed yoga classes for virtual yoga studio offerings, 6.5% towards WeFunder fee, 10% towards social media strategy, 10% towards local and national PR Campaign


27.5% towards studio and juice bar renovation, 20% towards equipment purchase, 10% towards purchasing first 4 vending machines, 8.5% towards professionally filmed yoga classes for virtual yoga studio offerings, 6.5% towards WeFunder Fee, 5% towards local and national PR Campaign; 2.5% towards social media strategy; 20% towards owners transition from full time job to working full time with InnerG LLC

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Nielah Burnett President CEO CFO Secretary Treasurer
Amount Raised : $0
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