Uruk Platform

Uruk Platform

Uruk Platform enables organizations to complete projects faster and cheaper

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Convertible Note
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Houston, TX
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February 10, 2021
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May 11, 2021
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Company Description

Simply, the Uruk Platform is a digital solution, the software version of the SUKAD Way. The platform is being built on CAMMP and the idea of tailored methods, fit-for-purpose, as the core engine and project life cycle workflow. CAMMP, and Uruk, covers projects from the business starting point, the concept, and all the way to delivering the final product and assess the success and achievement of the anticipated benefits. Therefore, Uruk integrates project management with product management, the business side, and operations. This element is what we call, Managing a Project element.

In addition to Managing a Project element, Uruk includes the Managing the Portfolio element, for portfolio management. This element would empower the Project Management Office (Unit) to help executive management manage the whole portfolio, with significant data and analytics based on historical projects, from inside the organization and what SUKAD will provide. The portfolio element of Uruk also includes the various policies, procedures, and guidelines that would be vital for the effective management of all projects and the portfolio. Our nickname for the Uruk Platform is the Engine of Project Success, since it's a true engine, with all of the necessary components to enable project excellence.

Uruk has other supporting elements, such as engaging the community to encourage a community of practice and collaborations.

Key Deal Facts

Uruk Founders has more than 100 years of project leadership, & worked on projects worth >$5 billion
The founders are global experts in project management building a pioneering PM digital solution.
Uruk Platform would save organizations significant time & money to get their product to market.
We believe our Platform to be indispensable for business results; it could lead up to 20% costsaving
Uruk would enable project teams to work from anywhere using best in class solutions.
The leading founder is a recognized thought leader in project management with numerous publications.
We are still in development, but already building a global partners network in different countries
We believe Uruk will be known as the Engine of Project Success and a leading solution.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Mounir A. Ajam
CEO/Managing Partner/President
Project management (PM) Innovator with decades of global expertise. Worked on projects worth billions of US$. Developed models to help organizations Lead Projects Concept to Success. Transforming his expertise into the pioneering Uruk Platform.

Victor Sawma
CTO and Head of Development
A technology expert with 20+ years in producing and maintaining web & mobile applications with scalable architectures, high-performance hosting, security auditing, and IT consultancy. Victor is passionate about technology serving humanity.

Amr Maraie
A project management professional with over 20 years of experience in the Middle East & Canada. He is a member of PMI & holds PMP & PMO certifications. Previously, Amr led the start-up and implementation of the corp

Ida Sameri Outreach Coordinator
My best accomplishment was living overseas for 4 years. It was the hardest & most amazing experience of my life, especially that I was a US-born young professional. The experience taught me that life is short, and you need to enjoy it.

Ahmad Aghar Business Development
Ahmad helps owners & executives maintain profitability & customer retention. In 25 years of Business Development, Consultancy, & Project Management, Ahmad launched ICT, eCommerce, GIS, Cloud & Managed Services.

Nauseen Saiyed
Project Managerr, Marketing
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