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We created Roomongo back in 2017. We initially began offering customers the ability to book a hotel, but quickly realized we needed to accelerate to our end-goal of offering aggregated lodging,. We also needed MUCH better hotel rates than our competition, and we're in the process of bringing on board some great wholesalers and hotel brands.  

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Boulder, CO

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January 29, 2021
May 16, 2021

Use of Proceeds


  • 7.5% intermediary fee to Wefunder
  • 20% marketing and social media
  • 10% towards corporate (corporate legal, industry and trade legal, insurance, accounting)
  • 50% towards dev/design/API
  • 12.5% towards admin, support, and customer service


  • 7.5% intermediary fee to Wefunder
  • 35% marketing and social media
  • 7.5% towards corporate (corporate legal, industry and trade legal, insurance, accounting)
  • 40% towards dev/design/api
  • 10% towards admin, support, and customer service

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Key Deal Facts

FIRST ROUND! Very early-stage access to Roomongo, via Wefunder.
The Problem: Trip planning is messy, with so many sites and shared links, it's a chaotic process.
Solution: Roomongo's goal is to incorporate hotels, vacation rentals, and rooms into one search.
Build It: Create a trip, add your favorites, invite your friends and collaborate!
One Link: Streamlined trip planning hub, that's easily shared.
Low Rates: Membership is required, and allows for access to below-market rates.
Coming Soon: More suppliers, providing even lower rates and additional options. Think Airbnb and more.
Balance Sheet: Zero long-term debt! Built for growth.